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If The Adventures of Dr. Ryan (John Krasinski) isn’t your first, the last two episodes of the final season surprise you with almost nothing. On the one hand, this does not reflect well on the screenwriters, who could prepare something special, especially for the final chapter of the series. On the other hand, it’s hard for me to have any particular complaints about this lack of originality. Because what could be chosen, since Jack Ryan simply did what he does best and saved the world again?

Jack Ryan – How did the series end?

It doesn’t make sense that after four seasons you can get used to all the flaws that the Amazon series isn’t ashamed of. Simple, short plot twists, predictable plot turns, dialogue that’s devoid of much (or any imagination) – this is nothing new, so we had enough time to either accept this story with all its stock merits, or give it a long time before it quieted down. Since you are still here, I believe you have chosen the first option. Is there something you regret?

“Jack Ryan” (Photo: Amazon Prime Video)

In general, probably not. In his next episodes, “Jack Ryan” kept a roughly similar level, at least decent and unchanged until the end, which found our hero and his buddies in Myanmar. In the background are the local trio’s encounters with the Mexican cartel, international terrorism, tentacles of intrigue that reach the CIA itself, and finally personal matters. Just a typical combination that does not surprise anything, but allows you not to get bored for two hours, while maintaining a high pace during that time.

The details are a little worse. Especially when we began to see that in order to achieve the happy ending that the fans expected as soon as possible, the creators rushed not only in terms of action, but also in terms of plot. Previously presented and seemingly convoluted threads veered toward immediate conclusions, which overshadow the entire story, making it very much an alibi. And it’s not even about rates, where a little more realism is a good thing. The problem is primarily the tension, which is surprisingly low for this series.

Jack Ryan proves that black and white don’t have to be bad

The effect of this is that the only moment you can get up from your seat during the final episodes is the very realistic scene of Jack’s torture. Everything else runs smoothly on the Burmese and American fronts, as James Greer (Wendell Pierce) and Elizabeth Wright (Betty Gabriel) trace the domestic side of a global issue. Limiting the story to a shorter-than-usual season would seem like it would be an advantage for it, but the opposite is true – we simply don’t have very engaging races instead of long ones.

Jack Ryan season 4 finale review
“Jack Ryan” (Photo: Amazon Prime Video)

However, while you can have reservations about the way the series ends, it’s not like everything fails on this ending. On the contrary, despite the cold feelings that accompanied the film, I felt great satisfaction after the screening. Yes, everything was resolved very smoothly, and by avoiding major tragedies and punishing traitors as an example, the creators did not leave even a millimeter of space for any doubts. But in this case, it fits her perfectly.

Although it has been suggested otherwise many times, “Jack Ryan” is primarily a black and white story. Fortunately, this does not reflect badly on her. I don’t know, maybe it’s partially imbued with serial anti-heroes and the need to catch your breath with something that doesn’t raise any dilemmas. But I’m not going to look for grandiose theories here. There are stories and characters that you don’t need. It’s enough that they’ve remained the same model of good behavior for years, no matter the circumstances – Jack Ryan definitely belongs in that group.

Jack Ryan – Is It Really Over?

Which is why breaking up with him in his series incarnation is heartbreaking after all, even if he himself deserved a vacation with Kathy (Abby Cornish). And it hurts even more that Jack has been and has been the strongest point of the series since the beginning. One wonders if John Krasinski really surpassed his predecessors (particularly Harrison Ford) in this role, but even if you decide not to, you have to give him credit for growing into him to at least partially erase Jim’s image. Halbert himself. Contrary to appearances, it was challenging.

Jack Ryan season 4 reviews
“Jack Ryan” (Photo: Amazon Prime Video)

Her replacement would be even greater if Amazon decided not to abandon the world of soap operas, knowing that the spin-off already announced with Domingo Chavez (Michael Pena) in the main role. The presence and importance of this character in Season 4 (after all, he’s saving Jack during the climax, not the other way around) makes one think this could actually happen, which would certainly be a nice form of atonement, allowing for familiar and beloved characters to return, as even Mike (Michael Kelly), with whom Chavez has developed gentle chemistry. I’m not even talking about the possible appearance of Ryan himself, even in a minor role.

Therefore, there are several options and it is not said that saying goodbye to “Jack Ryan” should also mean parting with the universe created by Tom Clancy. Perhaps he is not the most believable, perhaps he works according to simple rules and does not try to surprise the viewer with anything. But for several years now it has been providing a solid portion of budget television entertainment at the level. This is also an achievement.

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