King Charles III spends his third day in hospital undergoing prostate surgery

King Charles III spent his third day at a London clinic on Sunday, where he underwent prostate surgery on Friday, and Princess Kate is recovering from stomach surgery.

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Queen Camilla, smiling, visited him midway through the third time since his hospitalization.

The 75-year-old monarch arrived Friday morning with his wife at the London Clinic, a private hospital in the upscale Marylebone district where Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, but US President John F. Kennedy and actress Elizabeth. Taylor.

Following Charles' surgery, the Queen told people inside the clinic on Friday afternoon that Charles was “doing well”, according to British media. No mention of when it will be released.


The Palace announced last week that the diagnosis of an enlarged prostate is encouraging screening for the condition. He emphasized the routine nature of the practice, which affects “thousands of men every year.”

Charles III, who will succeed Elizabeth II in September 2022 as head of fourteen countries other than the United Kingdom, canceled several public engagements last week to rest. After surgery, he noted a “short period” of recovery.

Kate, the most popular princess in England, has been hospitalized in a London clinic since January 16. It was not revealed what disease she was suffering from.

Kate, the wife of Prince William, will not resume her public activities until the end of March, according to the royal couple's services.

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