Jean-François Guèvremont looks back on a discomfort he recently experienced in Salut Bonjour

At the Sucre sale on Friday, Melanie Maynard acquired Jean-Francois Guevremont, behind Rita Baga.

She told the host that she felt less confident when she wasn’t wearing the trappings Rita.

In fact, he mentioned problems during his recent visit to the set of the morning show. hello hello.

« Live TV without makeup = anxiety. I almost fainted at Hi Hello, which you’ll see, not long after. Gino was talking to me and after 15 seconds, [je bafouillais], I was living in agony “, he says.

The interview he talks about took place on May 23. He was at the TVA studios to talk about next October’s drag culture festival, Rendez-vous de la Drag.

Watch the nine-minute interview here.

At the beginning of the interview we feel very shy, he is also as stiff as an iron rod, but his speech is very coherent, contrary to what he thinks.

At the end of the interview, he also mentioned to the host his initial little panic: ” The interview started and from the first minute, I was hot and I was weak. There it is. And that, in Rita, that’s not going to happen, I’m ready, I’m always 100%. »

has Sweet salt, Jean-François Guèvremont had only good words for Gino Chouinard. “ I found him very friendly and caring. I love her very much. Here’s a look at when he’ll return for his final season at the helm of Salute Bonjour.

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