“Killer”, “Boys Don't Cry”, “Morning Wolf”.  Can you recognize iconic words from Polish comedy films?  a test

Author: Press material for TVN / Canal Plus Cyfrowy

There are many lines in Polish comedy that have become iconic. Many of them are constantly repeated by subsequent generations, despite the passage of time. We have prepared a quiz to test your knowledge of comedy quotes.

There are certain phrases that we use in our daily lives without even thinking about where they come from. Many of them have their source in Polish comedies. Some of them have already become a permanent part of the culture.

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Many Poles even have favorite comedies that they watch frequently. Even though you know all the lines by heart, these movies never get boring.

Polish comedies are a unique source of iconic quotes. There are really a lot of them. We've selected a few of them. You'll be able to match them to the movie they came from. We warn you, only a few will get 100%!

a test. “Killer”, “Boys Don't Cry”, “Morning Wolf”. Can you recognize iconic words from Polish comedy films?

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“Coco Jumbo and Go!” -This is my password. right?

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