Watch the ecstasy of the movie “Naszość” in the largest cinema hall in Poland!  Crowds in Krakow (video)

PO and SLD were “welcomed”.

At the Kiego Cinema in Kraków, in the largest cinema hall in Poland, the movie “Our – Only for Abnormal People” was shown in the presence of 850 people. During the performance, the audience broke out with laughter now and then, and some of the Naszość incidents sounded more recent than before.

For example, when Urus, during the reset, came to the Russian consulate with a petition asking Putin to name his new dog Donald, which would improve relations between our two countries. During the final applause, a juvenile slogan against post-communism was chanted, “SLD-KGB!”

– Many of our activities were inspired by Krakow, especially the Republican League of Krakow. After the Russian attack on Chechnya, we were able to unite the independent circles across the departments, and we were again inspired by Krakow – the activities of Pavel Chojnacki from the Joseph Mackiewicz Club and Marek Korzynik from the Anarchist Federation, who had different views but who were able to stand together against the establishment of the republic Third Polish.

– said Pyotr Lysevich.

He also thanked the directors of Poland’s largest cinema for not being afraid to organize this show.

– Apparently, when the cinema was built in the 60s, its size was justified by the fact that meetings of the PZPR could be held here. And although the heirs of the Polish United Workers’ Party are still powerful in Poland, now in the Kiego cinema instead of the Polish United Workers’ Party there was our party. Similarly, the meaning of the name cinema has changed. Then it was supposed to be evidence of cooperation with the Soviet Union. Today, it looks like a demonstration of solidarity with Ukraine, which is fighting against Moscow. The upcoming elections are about continuing this process, not reversing it.

A colorful reportage of what was happening at Kygo Cinema below:


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