April 1, 2023


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A case for a reporter.  Viewers are tired and crushed by the next episode.  "dramatic comedy"

A case for a reporter. Viewers are tired and crushed by the next episode. “dramatic comedy”

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“A Case for a Reporter” In recent years it has turned into a strange drama and entertainment show, embellished with performances by musicians Disco Polo. The program, which was previously an intervention program, is currently evoking very mixed emotions in viewers. There was no difference in the occasion of broadcasting the last episode.

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Marcelina Zwadzka left TVP. “I don’t go in through the window when they throw in the door.”

A case for a reporter. Jaworowicz invited Krzysztof Zanussi to the studio. Why? we do not know

Elżbieta Jaworowicz This time she intervened in the case of Angelica Cleopatra. Due to bureaucratic turmoil, the woman did not receive Polish citizenship, which effectively prevents her from taking legal work. Currently, a mother of two lives in extremely appalling conditions, and her house lacks basic equipment.

I dare to make a story about invisible people, lost and helpless in the face of the helplessness of a so-called regime that ignores and even destroys, though dignified formal and legal clothes – Jaworowicz in the foreground.

Tsarina of Polish Reportage decided to help Andżelika, of course, in an unconventional way. After the material, viewers were invited to the studio, where experts discussed the status of women. Who invited Jaworowicz to the show? She chose the famous director, Krzysztof Zanussi. You may be wondering how an artist can help Andżelika. Unfortunately, we don’t know either.

Zanussi shared with viewers a reflection on the similarity of the reportage heroine’s situation with the movie Andrew Oujda. And that it was.

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A case for a reporter. Viewers were embarrassed by the program

Judging by the comments, viewers of “Cases for a Reporter” are more and more embarrassed by the format of the program. Within the material posted on Facebook, we can read the opinions of netizens about the last episode. There is no shortage of bitter words.

This show is a comedy-drama.

Soon the program will be called “The Name of This Melody”.

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