Kiev's problem may spread to other countries.  Estonia is already reacting

The issue of Ukrainians staying out of their country and mobilizing them has become increasingly popular. During a recent press conference to summarize the events of 2023, the President of Ukraine said, Volodymyr Zelensky provided information that the army proposed to mobilize an additional 450-500 thousand people. The proposal to mobilize hundreds of thousands of additional people has dominated Ukrainian public debate.

Everyone is awaiting further decisions and actions from the concerned authorities to implement this ambitious plan.

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This is not only a problem for Kiev itself

The Ukrainian mobilization may soon become a problem not only for Kiev, and this is because of the citizens of this country who live, among others, in Poland.

As he said in a conversation with Gen. Skrzypczak said that Ukraine faces a difficult choice. If you decide to mobilize men from the country, it may affect the shortage of employees in the industry. On the other hand, if the mobilization process continues, the country's defense may surrender to Russian forces.

As happened in 1940 in France

There are 958,000 people in Poland and Germany respectively. Nearly 1.2 million people are from Ukraine. There are 4.2 million Ukrainians under temporary protection in the European Union. The Ukrainian authorities want to return the men to the country, but it is not known how to do so. Ukraine, Poland and Germany could conclude agreements on cooperation in mobilization. Skrzebczak recalls an example from history, when Poles massed in France in 1940, allowing General Wladyslaw Sikorski to raise an army of tens of thousands of people.

Estonia is ready to help

Estonia is ready to sign an agreement with Ukraine that will enable the return of men of military service age who fled the country in the face of Russian aggression in 2022 – ERR TV reported this information on Friday. The Estonian government expressed its readiness to cooperate with Ukraine in this case, stressing its ability to locate these men and return them to their homeland.

Lauri Lanemets, Estonian Interior Minister, confirmed that if Ukraine needed to, Estonia would be able to identify the men and return them.

We basically know where they are and what they do. Most of them work. Lanmetz said they reside in Estonia.

According to available data, more than 7,000 Ukrainian men of mobilization age have applied for temporary protection in Estonia.

Ukraine also faces the problem of corruption in reinforcement commands. A large-scale anti-corruption campaign took place in the summer. Several ministries of Ukrainian power and services are simultaneously conducting a large-scale operation covering almost the entire country. The State Bureau of Investigation (DBR) of Ukraine reported that the aim of this measure is to combat large-scale corruption. Within the framework of this operation, searches are being conducted in the Vinnytsia, Cherkasy and Kiev regions.

The DBR confirmed over the summer that military medical boards were particularly targeted. It determines the suitability of the conscript for military service. This action is part of a larger criminal case involving corrupt military personnel holding senior positions in regional and local reinforcement commands – as Rzeczpospolita wrote a few months ago.

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