Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom of Freedom – 5 interesting choices from the fantastic story expansion

The premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 Widmo Wolności was a great success, which was confirmed by the representatives of the Polish team themselves in the latest quarterly report of CD Projekt. A lot of people have played this expansion, and most of them are talking about it positively.

As is the case with this team's games, Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom of Freedom had a lot of options. Contractors only affected dialogue during missions, but decisions made during the plot or most important side plots could change the course of events, affect the fate of characters, or change the area of ​​Dogtown. We write about the most important of these elections as follows: Remember that the text is full of spoilers:

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Jacob and Taylor are in the bunker

The first major casting was the one involving Jacob and Taylor. Mysterious men broke into the bunker where Myers and I were staying after we rescued her from the wreckage of the plane that had crashed moments earlier. After this difficult procedure, it was not easy to trust the randomly encountered men, but in the end, as it turned out, to keep Jacob and Taylor (which was more difficult than just attacking them, because some lines of dialogue also led to a fight). It brought more benefits than negatives. We were able to talk to them every time we visited the temporary base in the first half of the story, and one of them introduced us to airdrops, one of the optional activities in the DLC.

First meeting with Reid

Reed is the most mysterious character in the entire expansion. The first meeting with the old NUSA agent was quite unusual because it took place near the basketball court. The hero stood behind us and categorically forbade us from returning, and if we did not listen to him twice, he would simply beat us and force us into his car. This does not greatly affect the main plot itself, but we make a bad first impression and with this decision we show how curious we are.

Help for Myers and Reed (Secret Ending)

After the first meeting with Reid, we will have to meet him and Myers at the temporary base in Dogtown. Interestingly, if we don't do this for a long time (we will mention this even via text messages), it will turn out that hostile groups have captured the head of NUSA and the agent as well as Taylor and Jacob. (If we didn't kill them earlier). In such a case, Songbird will disconnect from us, so the DLC's main story will end and we'll be left to explore Dogtown and fulfill contracts. Something similar happens when we decide, during a conversation with Myers and Reed, that we don't want to help them catch a songbird.

Songbird, Reid and Alex

The climactic moment in the DLC is the moment in the Hansen Building where we choose which heroes we want to side with. If we decide to support Songbird, Alex will kill Hansen and we will team up with So Mi to escape Night City. However, if we betray the network runner at the last minute, Alex will be killed, then we eliminate Hansen and team up with Reed to capture Songbird. Then, in the final moments, we decide again who we want to support – our choice depends on whether we unlock the full new ending, where we remove the trace from our brains.

The new boss of Dogtown

After completing the game or just before this event, we receive another – crucial – side quest from the master. Hands down, local installer. More specifically, the burden of electing the new Chief of Dogtown was on our shoulders. After interviewing both candidates, we could only choose one and then follow the consequences of our actions, starting with Hansen's farewell party. We could actually kill Bennett or Jago or force the two sides to cooperate with each other and make Dogtown a better place to live.

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