Kevin Owens advises Becky Lynch ahead of her match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2024

At WWE Elimination Chamber 2024, Becky Lynch and Kevin Owens found themselves in an Elimination Chamber match.

During an interview with “Submission Radio” before WWE Elimination Chamber, Kevin Owens and Becky Lynch were asked to give each other advice for their matches.

Kevin Owens: “You have to win, but if I could, I'd ask them to kick them in the balls, but that's not possible. »

Peggy Lynch: “I can't do that. Yes, everything is possible but it won't work. They will look at me, then they will hit me in the face, and my leg will get stuck there. »

There is: “Surely you can shock them with this, and then … it's stuck in there?” It will be a kick. »

Lynch: “What advice should I give?” Kick them in the balls. »

There is: “Yes, I can! Yes it is. Attention. I wouldn't just do Randy, because I love Randy. Everyone else, that's all. I probably wouldn't do it to Bobby Lashley. Nobody would hurt me more than Bobby Lashley. Guarantee, if I kicked him in the balls. , I will break my ankle. »

Becky Lynch won her match and will face Rhea Ripley at WWE WrestleMania 40. Unfortunately for KO, he didn't win the Elimination Chamber match, so he'll have to find other plans for the biggest show of the year.


Photo credit: WWE

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