“Revolution”: Illusory twin brothers appear as twins

Jordan and Santiago introduced themselves Sunday night as twin brothers, even though they are best friends.

«[Moi et] Jordan, we are together 95% of the time, Santiago said. We started at the same school, but we didn’t hang out. was doing to break And he pop up. Then, in the same period of time, we went to another school, to the same school. At one point, we realized we were practically neighbours. We lived on the same street as each other and our friendship started ten years ago, before we danced together.

Their complicity was highly unusual and highlighted by the masters. “We have the same energy, the same values,” Jordan explained. When we are together, a really special chemistry is created. We are two guys who are always positive and we are always there for each other. We have a very healthy relationship and good communication.

Even though they are different dancers, this friendship develops in their duet as well. “Our strengths and weaknesses are complementary,” Santiago explained. Jordan has an exceptional musical ability, he can hear unique things in music. I, thanks to my background in intermission, look for more complex movements to give better structure to our choreographies.

Jordan and Santiago during the fourth episode of the fifth season of “Revolution” aired on TVA on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023 in Montreal.

Photo courtesy of OSA Pictures

Watching them leave the stage, Lydia Bouchard referred to them as tough men, a term they appreciated. “We didn’t hear it there, but it’s a good approach,” Jordan said. We’re hard to predict, and people don’t know what we’re going to do next. We also have an approach where we are very confident but always respectful.

Candidates saved this week:

Waldo, 30, Montreal

Sophie Hull, 14, Montreal

Dreamgirls 18 to 30, Montreal’s South Shore

Jasmin and Volodymyr, 17, Chateauguay and Dieppe (NB)

Jordan and Santiago, 23 years old, Boisbriand and Montreal

Justin Trebanier, 23, Quebec

Zachary Bastille, 23, Montreal

Candidate is suspended:

Sacha and Samuel, 22 and 21, Montreal

Solveig, 18, Gatineau

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