A slight decline since the introduction of its concept and the accompanying invoice, 3e The owner continues to enjoy the support of a majority of voters at Capitol-National, a poll suggests.

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According to a Mainstream poll conducted from May 29 to 31 on behalf of Coalition Future Quebec, 60% of citizens say they support the construction of a tunnel between Quebec and Lewis.

Not surprisingly, the membership reached 67% among voters living in Lewis and Bellaches.

On the North Coast, support for the Third Link was 58%. This is a step back from the Leger survey.Newspaper This was carried out last February, according to which voter support for the new route of the subway in Quebec City was 66%.

Famous with the Coquist

Thirdly, when we look at the results more closely in terms of voting intentions, we see that support third.The merger, in Capitol-National, in Lewis and Bellechs, was twice as high as on the liberal side (37%) of the Coquistes (74%).

Although the party strongly opposes the Cubacois tunnel project, 33% of respondents who support Paul Saint-Pierre Flamingo are in favor of a third merger.

“Since the introduction of this project, we have noticed the strong support of the growing population, civil society and business community in the Quebec metropolitan area,” Transport Minister Franசois Bonardell responded with a press release from Florence Florde.

Dorian predicts a dumble

On the side of Quebec Solitaire, Catherine Dorian, a member of Taskerio, with 60% support, considers it “not so high”.

Since the project was introduced, support has dropped by almost 10% compared to the results of the Leger survey.Newspaper Released in February, he said.

“In Quebec, it will continue to fall,” he saidMe Dorian warns that the opposition movement has only just begun.

In addition, one of the two respondents welcomes the Rosso Express de la Capitol (REC), which means that the government’s regional vision for transportation, in particular, relies on tram as a backbone, in addition to adding reserved lanes. Major highways.

Objectives of voting

If elections are held today, 51% of the electorate in the targeted region will vote for Franுவாois Legold. Quebec Solidar will collect 14% of the vote, PLQ 11% and PQ 8%. Surprise: 16% of respondents in the region will vote for the “other party”. It remains to be seen what role Eric Duheim, the new leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party, will play in this group of voters because he was not part of the choice of answer.


The government has announced plans to build a tunnel connecting Quebec City and Lewis, which will have a lane reserved for electric buses.

Are you in favor of creating this Quebec-Lewis link?

  • Yes: 60% (North Coast 59% | South Coast 68%)
  • No: 40% (North Coast 42% | South Coast 32%)

According to voting purposes:

  • Yes: CAQ 74% PLQ 37% PQ 34% QS 18% Other 84%
  • PLQ and CAQ 26% 63% 67% Q and Q 81.7% Other 16% No

A third Quebec-Lewis link is necessary because in the event of a problem with the Pierre-Laporte bridge, there will be no connection between the South Coast and the North Shore, capable of allowing adequate traffic on both shores. You …

  • 70% Agree (Rive-North 69% | Rive-Suit 75%)
  • 30% disagree (North Coast 31% | South Coast 25%)

The Quebec government has announced an integrated traffic vision for the Quebec region, the Rசோo Express de la Capitol. The view includes a tunnel between Quebec City and Lewis, a tramway, reserved lanes for electric buses on the north coast and reserved lanes on the south coast. You …

  • 53% agree (Rive-Nord 52% | Rive-Sud 61%)
  • 47% disagree (North Coast 48% | South Coast 39%)

If a provincial election were held today, how would you vote? (Determined and oblique)

  • 51% Coalition d’Venir Quebec
  • 14% Quebec Solitaire
  • 11% of Quebec’s Liberal Party
  • 8% Quebec Party
  • 16% other party

From May 29 to 31, 2021, Main Street surveyed a random sample of 1,521 people aged 18 or over, riding the Capitol-National, Lewis and Bellaches.

The margin of the survey is 2.5% +/-, 95% confidence level.

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