Want freedom without freedom

So let’s summarize…

We don’t want to swear to the king.

We want all the powers over immigration.

We want all powers based on culture.

We want to control our borders.

We don’t want to know anything about Alberta oil.

We want Quebec to withdraw from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We want the central government not to challenge our laws.

But we are anti-independence and we gave only three representatives to the PQ.

Uh… hello?

Virtual freedom

It’s like going to a restaurant drive-thru and asking:

“I want two slices of bread, ground meat, cheese, a slice of tomato, mustard, relish and a little lettuce…

“So a cheeseburger?”

– Oh, not particularly, I hate it, cheeseburgers! »

After that, we wonder why Canadians tire of us.

Yvon Deschamps is right: a united Canada wants an independent Quebec. This is our big dream.

All the benefits of freedom without any of the risk.

Wait, I’m dizzy. I’m standing at a table and I’m shaking.

But I always wanted to know what hang gliding was like. It must be good, this feeling of freedom…

The other day, thanks to my Oculus virtual reality glasses, I was able to slip into the shoes of a guy hanging up skis.

I flew for 15 minutes above a river.

It was very scary, but I wasn’t scared. Because I know I was sitting on a couch.

This is Quebec.

We want to be almost independent.

That way, if we mess up, we have to take off our glasses and we’re sitting on Canada Mom’s lap.

It’s like we never left.

A pilot project!

I have an idea for Paul St-Pierre Plamondon: in the next election, he should promise not independence, but a pilot project.

In Quebec, we like pilot projects.

Shouldn’t margarine be the color of butter?

Before deciding, we will set up a pilot project. We’re going to ask the residents of Saint-Eugène-de-Ladrière to eat white butter for a month to see what it does…

If he doesn’t push a hand on their forehead after the test, let’s think about changing the color of the butter.

In Quebec, it is often said that we wear suspenders and belts.


We don’t wear pants. This way, we are sure that it will not fall.

A beautiful icon

All praise the PSPP’s stand in swearing in the King.

In fact, the strategy is brilliant.

As the leader of the PQ told François Legault: “You say you are a nationalist? Prove it! And refuse to take the oath! »

As Paul Bichte sang: “Oindy oyndy, oyndy oyndy oyn oyn, but where are yours? »

And yet, all this is a purely symbolic gesture.

But in Quebec, we love symbols.

It doesn’t cost much and doesn’t commit you to anything…

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