Lublin: A foreign team will shoot a movie with us

The cast is 90 percent. Alien, with one of the famous actors – says Grzegorz Linkowski, who is responsible for cooperating with film crews in City Hall. At the moment, I do not want to reveal the details of the new production. The artists themselves have to tell about them.

The film makers will begin filming on Monday, but construction of film sets will begin in parts of the Old City the day before. Let’s add that the events of the historical film will be set in the years 1940-45, so some places need to age a little and add this and that.

– Because of the need to adapt and build movie elements inside rar. Rybnego, UL. Rybna, Noworybna, ul. Ku Farze parking spaces are located at pl. Rybni will be liquidated – announced Mariusz Szymański of iKOM, which is responsible for marking the streets near the filming location.

The construction of decorations in the old town square will lead to more confusion. – The whole area is fenced off – says Szymański. These difficulties are expected to continue on Monday and Tuesday. – For pedestrians and vehicles moving within this area, there is a corridor and a corridor with a width of 5 to 7 meters.

On Monday, the film crew will work near the open-air museum, where the 250-meter section of the Mujahideen is located. Agronomiczna of ul. We went in the direction of Al. Warsawzka. On Tuesday, traffic on the ul. Pramoa. On Tuesday and Wednesday, difficulties may arise in the entrance area of ​​the property at ul. Królewska 15. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays ul. Bodwell.

difficulties in pl. Zamkowy, where the filmmakers will establish a base. The central part of the square will be fenced off. The 5 meter wide road will be impassable, and all parking spaces on the edge of the plaza will be open.

The production of the film will be co-financed by the city. – It is a very big profit for us – Lenkowski convinces and adds that the city will be mentioned in copies distributed all over the world. how much does it cost? The production of the film, which will be shot next week in Lublin, will receive financial support in the amount of PLN 123 thousand. PLN – Anna Czerwonka reports from the town hall press office.

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