Comedy in Hamburg.  “Special purpose in the contract”

The match at the Millerntor-Stadion was a treat for Bundesliga 2 fans. Because it was not only about the football-loving Hamburg derby, but also about the struggle between the leaders and the runners-up. The emotions were guaranteed and the fans got it. However, these feelings were not only related to a high level of sport.

“Decade suicide”

street. Paulie quickly took the lead through Jackson Irvine, and it was 2-0 in the 27th minute. The hosts didn’t have to do anything to enjoy this goal.

The comedy of errors committed by the HSV players was as follows: Goalkeeper Daniel Hoyer Fernandez, who restarted the match from the fifth metre, briefly passed the ball to Stefan Ambrosius, who passed to Guilherme Ramos. In a panic, the Portuguese passed the ball towards the goalkeeper, but he missed. The ball was heading towards the goal line and also jumped in front of Fernandes, who was returning between the goal posts. The situation could still be salvaged, but the 31-year-old panicked. He used his strength and from close range kicked hard under his crossbar.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! What an embarrassment for the herpes simplex virus!” – Viaplay commentators were astonished by the situation. Bild wrote directly about the “goal of the decade”.

Although the situation was strange, the guests were able to get back on their feet. In the second half, they scored two goals in 166 seconds and got a valuable point from the local competitor’s home ground. “If you think of a completely crazy match, this could serve as a model,” the German journalists added.

street. Pauli remained at the top of the German League table with 31 points. HSV is in second place, three points behind.

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