Preparations for the construction of a modern CCGT power plant in Grudziądz

As Energa reported on Tuesday, in the building Construction of a power plant in Grudziądz, with gas and steam unitCurrently, “works related to the settlement of the area are being carried out mainly” – the reduction and preparation for the construction of the block, while previously geotechnical tests and tests were carried out to exclude possible risks related to the presence of explosives.

“The Grudziądz power plant with a net capacity of about 560 MW, which is scheduled to be commissioned in 2025, will be one of the most modern facilities of this type in Europe. Works related to preparing the site for the construction of the plant are scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2022.” he said. Energa.

According to her, after completing the preparation of the site, soil supports will begin – the first stage of foundation work, which is aimed at stabilizing and strengthening the site for the construction of the block itself. The investment is carried out by a consortium of companies: Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co KG, Siemens Energy Sp. zoo and Mytilineos SA.


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As stated in the announcement, in agreement with the company Energa Operator, owner of the electricity grid, in connection with the construction of the power plant in Grudziądz, work on the reconstruction of overhead lines with a capacity of 110 kV is currently being carried out. . The company emphasized that “given the need to maintain the availability of the national electricity system, these works are the most demanding.”

– The main challenge at this stage of construction is the need to agree on closing the line. We have started business in the summer period, the demand for electricity is very high and such shutdown is not always possible. However, everything is going according to plan – said Dariusz Rakowski, project manager at CCGT Grudziądz, Energa subsidiary of the Orlen Group.

As indicated in the announcement, the Grudsides power plant will be connected to external electricity and gas networks in the immediate vicinity, thanks to which, in the framework of the implementation of the project, there will be no need to build additional transmission facilities.

The gas system transmission pipeline, on which the reduction plant will be built, is located approximately 1 km from the power plant, while the distance to the Grudziądz-Węgrowo power plant, on which the electricity produced at the power plant will be built, is about 300 m.


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“Works on the construction of the water supply and sewage network, as well as works on the consolidation of the area in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe support facilities at the construction site, have already been completed. The construction of a social and living complex. For the needs of construction workers is underway ”- Energa reported.

The company stated that the planned gas and steam unit at Grudziądz will feature high efficiency in excess of 60%. In nominal conditions, availability and flexibility of work. “This is an important component of expanding the energy sector, in line with the Orlen2030 strategy, based on stable low-emissions sources,” the statement said.

“The Grudziądz gas and steam block will play an important role in ensuring energy security in Poland. In December 2021, a 17-year contract was concluded with the transmission system operator in the capacity market, with the first year of delivery in 2026. Grudziądzka power plant, which will be built In 2025, it has contracted a total of 518 megawatts of capacity “- confirmed Energa.

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According to the company’s calculation, during the execution of the contract, the combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Grodziodz can count on revenue of at least 3.52 billion PLN.

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