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Jonathan Roy launched his sixth album on MTelus on Friday evening. life wrecks, and his most ambitious trip to date, which will take him to Europe. We met him in rehearsal with Marcella Grimaux, who is signing the scene for his show.

I want it to be true “, he sings in his sultry voice on MTelus’ stage.

Sitting in an almost empty room, we recognize the shadow of her hair in a bun on top of her head and her muscular climbing arms. We’re guessing Jonathan Roy is barefoot, true to his habit.

For the artist, it was a luxury to rehearse at MTelus three days before his sixth album release show. Life distortions. “Is everyone feeling better? “Jonathan Roy says before continuing his show from the beginning. A phrase that fits well with his image as a “ground” guy, focused on others, whose quest is well-being.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Jonathan Roy

Forgive us for divulging this detail, but he opened his show in front of a powerful display from the planet. Ayahuasca (Lay M.e under), The song flirts with electro, but above all it refers to a psychedelic experience that changed his life, an ayahuasca ceremony in Mexico.

“I said in an interview, but the ceremony really changed everything […] There is no love in my life. I don’t accept myself enough […] Love is the answer…it really is “, he adds in English.

In the show Everyone is talking about it, Jonathan Roy seemed a little sane to talk about his big reveal under the influence of a hallucinogenic drink. But in person, he speaks with the excitement of people returning from a festival burning man.

“Questioning yourself is scary,” she says. I’m not saying ayahuasca is good for everyone, but for me it broke down walls and boundaries. I have a very strong ego. Ego is a good thing and a bad thing […] There is the appearance and reality of being with the people you love and doing what you love to do,” he explains.

His own boss

Jonathan Roy’s music career has had many chapters since he quit hockey after a TV news attack.

Life distortions It’s his sixth album, and the second self-produced by Corey Hart’s former protégé following contract disappointments with major label Warner. After a series of disappointments, Jonathan Roy decides to give up everything and finally travel in search of himself.

The success of his album my lullaby, released in 2021, he gave his reasons for being his own boss. “You are in control of your art, you decide what Single Going out on the radio, what videos do you want to make… Freedom, isn’t that what we all want? “, he adds in English.

Last December, the singer-songwriter released Earth, Wind & Fire in Hawaii; Here’s what he did for Lionel Richie in 2019. He took the opportunity to make two clips, including a cover with Kim Richardson Cold By Chris Stapleton.

Jonathan Roy performed his song in a vibrant manner with a great singer and chorus. Keeping Me Alive In a video that has been viewed nearly 100 million times on YouTube (which opened doors for him in Europe as well). “I couldn’t be more honored and proud than Kim agreed to join me. I don’t think there would be a song or even my life without her. Everything has changed for me since that day! »

You should check out these two voice shows to see how Jonathan Roy does his voice soul man.

At 18 he discovered the rich voices of Joe Cocker, Johnny Long, John Mayer and B.B. King. By trying to sing like them, he grew as an artist. “I spent a lot of hours singing sensor Music. I don’t consider myself a great singer, but a good one Tone And a good one feeling »

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Marcella Grimaux wears many hats: creative director, visual designer, director and art director.

Visual designer Marcella Grimaux

Jonathan Roy works with Paul Jessup (Marie-Mai) in management, and he can count on longtime collaborators. In the package Star AcademyHe met Marcella Grimaux, who works with Quebec and international stars (from Patrice Michaud to rapper Diego PZQ) and is the person behind the show. Symphonic harmonium.

At the rehearsal, last Tuesday, you should have seen the latter jumping with satisfaction in front of a row of pictures. Leaving with your heart. “There were a lot of ways dictated by music and text,” Marcella says of the visuals she designed with her team from Chatham Head Studios. “Jonathan loves nature and we integrate it. There are empty moments where you rely only on your voice. »

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Jonathan Roy and Marcella Grimaux

The soul of the show, after watching an hour of rehearsal, can be said to be infinitely small and infinitely large. Aerial and psychedelic images are interspersed with a beating heart, for example. With four musicians and two singers (Raphael Roy and Melissa Pacifico), Jonathan Roy says, “It’s the first time I’ve seen a show where everything comes together: the sets, the lighting… it’s really another level.” adds to the mix.

Nervous about Friday night’s premiere? As always. Although necessary, he pleads.

In public, we’ll see him address his longtime friend Sanstrick Lavoie in his new song. 21 days – It’s about rehabilitation.

Sanstrick Lavoie, who was backstage with Jonathan Roy almost 15 years ago, when his friend gave his first shows at the Gaspa in Quebec, he was playing hockey and was known above all as an attacker on the ice. Uniform of the Remparts.

It’s another life.

Today, Jonathan is 33 years old, a number hockey fans associate with the jersey number of his father, legendary goaltender Patrick Roy. He cannot change that he is a “son” and he is proud of his father.

Six albums later, there’s reason to be so proud of the musical path he’s traveled. After his most ambitious Quebec tour to date, he will perform in a dozen major European cities in May.

I want it to be true », as we wrote at the beginning of this speech, he sang on the stage of MTelus.

It seems absolutely true!

In an earlier version of this text, we wrote that the event was Thursday evening, but it is taking place on MTelus on Friday.

Life distortions


Life distortions

Jonathan Roy

Posted on February 3

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    Jonathan Roy recorded eight songs in Los Angeles and Vancouver Life distortions. He co-produced and co-wrote the lyrics, notably with his long-time collaborators Mark Mark, Mark Petes Beland, Calder Nash and Brian Howes. For the mix, he invited none other than Eric Madrid (Demi Lovato, A$AP Rocky).

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