The maid revealed the hotel's secrets.  You better know about it

The cleanliness of the hotel room is one of the issues that guests pay special attention to. This is one of the most important elements that affect the quality of our stay. As it turns out, Some items may be deleted during cleaning.

Elliana Madrid’s maid cheated on TikTok, who was not asked to clean up in a hotel room. Including: Coffee maker, mattress cover, quilt, bed sheet and pillows.

Netizens are angry

Many Internet users were outraged by this information. “What do you do with the pillows? Just leave them.” asked one TikTok user. “We only take the pillow case off and replace it. We only wash the pillow when it has visible stains.” – The author of the recording answered.

“You’re kidding, right?” , “So we spend a lot of money to stay in a hotel that has not even been cleaned properly”, “I will never stay in a hotel again” – netizens commented.

The comments also included the opinions of people from the same industry. “As a former receptionist, I can vouch that duvets are never washed,” “I clean 5 star hotels and I can confirm this is true. Never use glasses. They are wiped, but not washed well.” – We read.

source: tik tok

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