The Steam Summer Sale 2024 is just a few days away.  Manor Lords and Steam Deck promotions may dominate the sale

24 June 2024, at 21:14

Steam Summer 2024 sales will start soon During the sale, you will be able to buy not only games but also some Steam Deck models at lower prices.

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The school year has recently ended and summer is approaching. These are good enough reasons to save some money for your next trip Steam Summer Sale 2024, which will start on June 27 at 7pm Polish time and last until July 11.

The valve has been issued Tractor A summer event during which we will be able to buy “thousands of games” at a lower price. There will be many popular products among them. We can only mention a few from the show shown below – Palworld, Manor Lords, and Batman: Arkham Knight.

What’s more, The sale will cover not only games, but also select Steam Deck models. 15% cheaper We will buy The LCD version comes with 64GB and 512GB of data storage. For the former, you currently have to pay PLN 1,444.15 (originally PLN 1,699), and for the latter, PLN 1,784.15 (formerly PLN 2,099). This offer will expire at the end of the Steam Summer Sale 2024, on July 11.

It is worth noting that a new category will be available during this year’s edition of the event, which will include the biggest discounts. In this way, Steam owners want to collect titles in one place with the aim of attracting fans of the best deals.

Shortly after the Steam Summer Sale 2024 ends, we’ll have another chance to buy select games at a slightly cheaper price. July 15 to be exact will start A fighting game festival, which will surely interest all fighting game fans.

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