Doctor Strange almost got rid of his only flaw thanks to his relationship with Peter Parker
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Aug 21, 2023, 21:21

Doctor Strange is one of the characters that has undergone a transformation in the MCU. Much of this is due to the relationship with Peter Parker.

Credit: Spider-Man: No Way Home; John Watts Marvel Studios 2021


Comic book Doctor Strange has become known as one of the most arrogant characters around. Not unlike his counterpart in the MCU. The hero, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is known for his arrogance. However, the actor admitted that the character almost got rid of this defect. All thanks to the relationship with Peter Parker in the movie Spider-Man: No way home.

This information can be found in the book Spider-Man: No Way Home – movie artwhich was published earlier this month. In one chapter, Benedict Cumberbatch discusses how Doctor Strange’s relationship with Peter Parker almost changed the first of these heroes. (video direct).

One of them is an adult, and the other has not yet gone to college. So there’s a kind of fatherly or good-natured side to Strange that he’s not at all like. This guy is selfish. Even if you do something for others, proceed on your own terms.

No going home It’s undoubtedly one of the few projects where MCU viewers get to see a more human face of Doctor Strange. It is unlikely that a similar process involving these two heroes will happen again.

It should be noted that the events of the film forced the sorcerer to cast a spell that wiped out Peter Parker from the memory of all people. Therefore Doctor Strange does not remember ever being Spider-Man and there is no longer a parental relationship between the two.

Recent projects with Stephen Strange suggest, however, that the creators may be slowly considering changing the approach to this hero. After all, in the second part of his solo adventures, he’s forced to take care of teenager America Chavez. He did the job perfectly and this could be the beginning of his transformation.

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