Julien Lacroix's triumphant return

Julien Lacroix has come a long way. Four years ago, he became the focus of several women's sexual abuse allegations. Then, the comedian gave from time to timeAs indicated by the title of this sec A one man show. If he often remembers working for himself, he also does not fail to pretend to “cancel culture”. A premise that isn't very funny, but Julien Lacroix makes people laugh.

“Cancelled”, Julien Lacroix is ​​still there. Unlike four years ago, he didn't dare leave his house to go to the grocery store. But he still hasn't been “called to play” enough Cheater With Guy Jodoin,” he joked at the start of the show.

The tone is set. Julien Lacroix didn't avoid the elephant in the room. Rather, its “cancellation” is the common thread of this new show, whose media premiere took place Thursday evening at the Espace Saint-Denis.

The public, his audience at least, responded. Every time he made a comment in the media, he lamented the fact that a man could be judged without trial, he lamented that we were analyzing behavior from another era with our present-day perspective.

The audience, made up of as many men as women, could smell something of a revolt against the #MeToo movement. One thing is for sure, many of these people who came to cheer him on broke down in tears at the end of the show, saying that the comedian didn't deserve to go through hell like this.

Four years ago on this date, 27-year-old Julien Lacroix was a true rising star in the world of comedy. Then, it all came crashing down when nine women accused him of sexual abuse in an article published in July 2020. Duty“A student newspaper will soon go bankrupt”, says Julien Lacroix very bitterly.

After the controversy, Julien Lacroix was practically abandoned by the entire industry. Show-business, officially dropped. He is very discreet and a year ago he started performing again in smaller venues, especially in the regions.

Away from the spotlight, he says he's rebuilt himself. He continued treatment at Maison Jean-Lpointe. Now sober, the thirty-year-old is now a father of two young children and says he enjoys perfect happiness with his partner, to whom I pay my heartfelt tribute. He tried working in construction, but returning to the stage was “a question of survival,” he said in one of the show's closing emotional moments.

However, don't think so from time to time Tears about the merits of abstinence are just “dead talk.” It really is a A one man show What we are talking about here is very well planned. In a tour de force, Julien Lacroix was unable to rehearse his new show while other comedians were lucky. “Not all venues want me. If I want to see where I can play, I look at where Eric Lapointe went,” he laughs.

Julien Lacroix's humor is sometimes downright priceless. Says a lot. His jokes often revolve around sexuality. Like his first show with a prophetic title, So far so goodJulien Lacroix plays the stage role of a backward and despicable young man who seems to have been fed obscene food and obscenities. American pie. According to some articles, he may not be far from his alter ego, but denies that the main character involved is a “narcissistic pervert”. A guy turns into a “narcissistic pervert” when a girl leaves, he jokes with a lot of sarcasm.

His detractors criticize him for a certain simplicity. May be. But in this case, it turns out to be useful. It must be said that the comedian has an innate talent on stage. As evidence of this, many breakthrough moments allow him to connect with the public. Too bad we couldn't get all the jokes. Nervously, Julien Lacroix held his microphone awkwardly, moving in all directions at times.

At Thanksgiving, he broke down, admitting to being soaked in stress before this media premiere. Through tears, he thanked his loved ones and the public for their support. This scenario must happen Rani ended the program. We couldn't have picked a better song under the circumstances.

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