Julia Kameska also took off her clothes for Belarus!  Topless for a good reason?

“DekoltFlaBIałorusi” is an initiative of the High Heels Foundation and a magazine response. The creators will release a special calendar, and the proceeds from the sale will support the families of Belarusian political prisoners. Bricks will be sold from October 2 for PLN 35.

It all started with Jana ShostakWhich in early June Protest the Belarusian regime. The woman was wearing a red and white dress with a neckline. The activist was criticized for not wearing a bra. Then there were opinions that such an outfit deprives you of credibility.

The creators of “DekoltFlaBelorusi” decided to create a special calendar in which they perform Topless models holding a cat.

Magda Gesler, Maja Hirsch and Tamara Gonzalez-Perea have already participated in the event. She also participated in the photo session Julia Kameska.

What do you think about this procedure, are you going to buy a calendar?


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