M jak miłość, odcinek 1634: Ślub Pawła i Franki. Majka tego nie przeżyje! - ZDJĘCIA

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M jak miłość, Episode 1634: Bowie and Franca’s Wedding. Majka will not survive this! – Pictures

Already in episode 1634 of “M jak miłość” we will finally see the wedding of Pawe (Rafał Mroczek) and Franka (Dominika Kachlik)! Despite the many obstacles, intrigues and accidents along the way, the young couple will happily stand on the wedding carpet and say “yes” to each other! As you can see in the pictures from the 1634 episode “M jak miłość”, Zduński, Mostowiak, Budzyński and friends will be very excited and very happy at Pawe and Franka’s wedding. But one person may not survive it! See what happens with Majka (Laura Samojłowicz) and what Pawe and Franka’s wedding will look like in the gallery from the 1634 episode “M jak miłość” – we’re the first to post it!

Section ‘M jak miłość’ 1634 – Tuesday, February 1, 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2′

Bowie and Franca’s wedding day is finally coming in “M jak miłość”! We are the first to reveal – v Gallery You’ll see unpublished anywhere yet Pictures From this great event! Franca will be dazzled by her beauty in a beautiful white dress, and elegant Poyo, despite the bruises on her face, will proudly lead the bride to the altar. Future Zduńskis will be really happy!

employment Pictures From the 1634 episode “M jak miłość” you can also watch Marysia (Małgorzata Pieńkowska) and Piotrek (Marcin Mroczek) with Kinga (Katarzyna Cichopek). The bride and groom will go to the wedding in a dazzling red convertible car. No wonder the car plays such an important role on this extraordinary day – after all, it was the car that tied them up when Franca ran away from the previous wedding …

As seen in Photo Gallery – This time in the 1634 episode “M jak miłość” by Frank, he will not run out of nowhere and will stand next to Pawe in front of the altar. The bride and groom will say the sacred “yes” and live happily ever after… almost, because of course Majka will do everything she can to prevent the wedding from happening!

However, it is Pała’s former love who will bear the greatest consequences for his vile intrigues. employment Pictures From the 1634 episode “M jak miłość” we see her being taken by the medical services. Will Majka have to pay her life for Bata and Franca’s happiness?

m like love. This is what Bowie and Franka’s wedding would look like! Can’t go wrong

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