Jeff Bezos on New World Success
October 2, 2021, 12:17 pm

Jeff Bezos praised the success of the New World. More than half a million players are enjoying on Steam at the same time and ranks #1 on Twitch.

Amazon Prime divided Their feelings about success new world, the company’s first big game, which after months of fighting with bugs and delays in its premiere, has become a serious candidate for Game of the Year. It was praised by the team responsible for the title, and the company’s past problems with game production were taken as a useful lesson.

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?? Source: @JeffBezos/Twitter

After many failures and failures in games, we have achieved success. I am very proud of the team for their perseverance. See failures as helpful hurdles to learn from. No matter what your goals are or how difficult it is, don’t give up.

In his post, Bezos also included links to two articles that perfectly explain Amazon’s path as a game developer. Just eight months ago in Bloomberg, it was written that Amazon can successfully produce almost anything it does: movies, series, e-readers, wireless speakers. Plus good video games. In 2014-2019, Amazon Game Studios export Eight (mostly portable) games that hardly anyone knows and remembers.

All major games Amazon was working on have been removed, NS. break up (Grave set in the legendary world) and Lord of the Rings MMOWe wrote about it Here. However, the biggest failure in the company’s image was the completion of development and the shutdown of the cooperative shooter servers crucible Only six months after the first showWhat we wrote about Here.

It’s been nearly a year since the servers were shut down crucible For the first show new world. The premiere of the title has been delayed several times due to the creators’ struggle with bugs and improvement, and g³o?? na afera With graphics cards torn during the beta, it will overshadow the upcoming version of the full game. NS?? The media is dominated by articles describing the new Amazon production as a hit with hundreds of thousands of gamers, and statistics from the Steam platform fully confirm these opinions.

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Top 5 games by number of games played simultaneously. ?? Source:

A few days after its release, New World is vying for first place on Steam CS: GO With more than half a million playing the game at the same time. Another one on the list Dota 2And pubg And Apex Legends They are very retarded. in service Twitch, owned by Amazon, new world It ranks number one in terms of viewership with over 270,000 viewers.

What is interesting on the site Metacritic The huge number of players gave negative reviews to the game due to bugs and server issues. Industry reviews are still in the works, including ours, but two have already turned out to be definitely favorable – they’ve been released new world High 80 percent rate. Did amazon hit game of the year? That seems very likely, but we still have a Prime Minister in November Battlefield 2042.

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