Jon Stewart destroys Joe Biden

After a nine-year absence, Jon Stewart returned to host the Monday evening show The Daily Show. He has never lost his passion and bite as he entertains and informs an entire generation about the political issues that divide the country.

He is usually labeled a progressive, but he has never hesitated to bash Democrats or the left-wing media.

This was last night. If he didn't let Trump go, he punished Joe Biden hard.

Americans can do better!

Stewart's entire first segment revolved around this question: Can't we do better than Trump and Biden?

While it's clear he doesn't have Trump in his heart, he refuses to give Biden a free pass, citing his slips of the tongue, his oversights and the poor tactics of those around him on multiple occasions.

  • Listen to an essay on American politics with Professor Luke Laliberte Old :

The importance of opposing Trump with a strong candidate seemed very compelling to me. Allow me to translate freely, but when the barbarians are at the entrance, Stewart says, we want Conan to defend the castle, not the biscuit-loving old man.


This last note refers to Biden's presence on TikTok during the Super Bowl. Rather than answering questions in front of journalists like his predecessors, the current president preferred a formula that did not suit him.

As the host said: How do you go on TikTok and still look old!!

I have repeatedly expressed a desire for Biden to be here for just one term and to fully share Stewart's concerns. Because Trump is dangerous, Biden needs to make sure he can deliver his full volume for the next four years.

Letting go can give more

Nine months before the election, is it too late for Biden to give up? Two journalists The site is POLITICOCharlie Mahtesian and Steven Shepard presented a scenario Tuesday that would allow him to do just fine.

He recommends continuing the primary vote that ends in a landslide victory for Joe Biden over his only rival, Dean Phillips. Once the delegation is in hand, the president may announce in June that he has heard the Americans and is giving up his seat, even if he is confident of his chances.

With the final selection taking place during the convention in August, potential candidates can use the summer to test the waters by piling up the polls.

Candidates like Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer, two personalities Biden admires, could be put forward favorably. Kamala Harris will only have trouble getting rid of her, but her starving support will seal her fate.

Biden is a likely candidate for 2024, but don't give up on this scenario just yet. If it seems far-fetched in February, it may be possible in August.

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