Sofia Richie is embracing this forgotten sandal trend, and we found the perfect “dope” on Amazon

Sofia Richie has been on everyone’s lips since the star revealed all the details of her wedding to Eliot Grange in the south of France on her networks.

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With people following every ensemble, beauty look and hairstyle sported by Lionel Richie’s daughter, the event has cemented itself as one of the defining fashion moments of 2023.

The celeb, who is now on her honeymoon, was quick to share her best vacation outfits, which included a chic yet nostalgic pair of sandals.

In fact, Sofia’s favorite shoe for lounging in the tropical sun seems to be a laced gladiator model, especially popular in the 2000s and early 2010s!

The 24-year-old has shown that this controversial sandal trend doesn’t have its last word and can bring an undeniably stylish touch to any ensemble when paired with the right outfit.

Instagram @sofiarichie

If The Row offers the model recommended by Sophia for several hundred dollars, we’ve found the perfect “dope” for you, one that will allow you to hop with feet together (or feet tied, it depends!) on your turn. Trend!

Available on Amazon under the label The Drop, an American fashion house brand, Strappy sandals For less than $60 it looks like the American star sported it.

The Drop Faux Leather Sandal Amazon – $54

Its low price is good for the wallet, without sacrificing an ounce of style! In fact, the sandals feature luxury details such as a crossover at the front, laces embellished with silver pearls and, above all, a range of colors that are right on trend.

By Amazon

Black Laced Sandals, $54, On Amazon

So it’s no surprise that the low-priced sandal gets almost perfect reviews from those who have added it to their basket! Many of them appreciate the price and above all, the impressive quality of the sole for the fiery style that instantly gives the sandal wearer!

Silver Laced Sandals, $54, On Amazon

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Let’s bring our summer suitcases for a look Casual chic!

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