What will the “STAT” season finale be about?  Here are some clues

Aside from this intriguing sentence that comedian Bruno Mars told us recently, we know very little about the STAT Grand Final.

ICI Télé has now revealed the synopsis of this final episode of the second season. Obviously, this doesn't reveal anything too concrete to us, but it already gives us some clues about the intrigues that await us in this final week.

First, we know that Dr. Davies (Thomas Beaudoin), the charismatic doctor we met earlier in the year, will return. Emmanuel (Suzanne Clement) secretly welcomes two wounded soldiers to the hospital during a mission in Colombia.

During these last four episodes, three people die in a road accident. Also, François' case will finally be brought back to the table. Jeremy (Robin L'Hommue) asks Emmanuelle questions about his father, drawing his attention to a ” A disturbing detail ».

Until then, the story of the article in the newspaper against the petition can also be seen. Also, read the audience's hypotheses regarding this new issue here.

For those interested, we invite you to find summaries of the last four episodes of the season below:

Monday, April 22

At the meeting, Pascal congratulated the team on the progress of the soon-to-be-discharged young Romy. One of the two soldiers, Maxim, has also improved greatly and is able to return to his base. Eric teases Emmanuel about Dr. Davis. He also offers a contract to try to convince his father to undergo the necessary bypass surgery. The emergency department is preparing to accommodate three people who died in a road accident.

Tuesday, April 23

Emmanuel and Jacob assess the condition of the injured: Pierre, 41 years old, Megan, 20 years old, and Jade, 18 years old. The latter is in very poor condition. Pascal greets Felix, who has been placed on maintenance duty. Alexis questions Tommy about his accident. He takes the opportunity to announce that he has found a way to capture the man Emmanuel wants to bring to justice. Emmanuel prepared a written response to the media. He listens to Dr. Davies' comments.

Wednesday, April 24

Karen and Matthew, Meghan and Jade's parents, arrive at the hospital to check on their health. Delphine shares her concerns about Romy's stepmother Bianca with Isabelle. Philippe is upset by a call from Eva Dumont, Jerome's sister. Jeremy asks Emmanuel questions about François. He draws her attention to a disturbing detail.

Thursday, April 25

Philippe informs Pascal of his problems with the Dumont family. Pascal confronts Daniel, believing that he is the one who betrayed him. With Jade's condition not improving, Emmanuel tries to calm down a very angry Megan. To cheer Romi up, Daniel arranges a surprise for her before she is discharged. Emmanuel Pascal reads a letter to the media.

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