Joker 2 – Movie Poster Online.  Official trailer release date!

Joker 2, which will be shown in theaters under the title Joker: Folie a deux, has its first official poster. With its publication, distributor Warner Bros. Rumors confirmed – The first trailer will be available online on April 9, 2024. Unofficially, we learned of this date on the morning of April 2. So moviegoers at the CinemaCon event will see it first, and after the Warner panel, everyone will see it online.

Joker 2 – Poster

The poster can be seen first in the full movie gallery.

Joker 2 – What do we know about the movie?

Todd Phillips, the Oscar-winning creator of the first film, is behind the camera once again, and the project continues to be inspired by DC comics. Details of the story are unknown, so we only know through teasers Joker 2 It's supposed to be in part a musical. An important location will be the Arkham Mental Institution, where the Joker is supposed to meet Harley Quinn.

The main roles are played by Joaquin Phoenix, who won an Oscar for the movie Joker, and Lady Gaga as Harley. The cast also includes Zazie Beetz (as Sophie Dumond from the first film), Brendan Gleeson, Catherine Keener, Jacob Lofland, and Harry Lawty.

Let us remind you that although a new DCU universe was created, Joker 2 (and the first part) are not part of it. The standalone stories will be published under the Elseworlds banner.

Joker 2 will be shown under the title Joker: Folie a deux From October 4, 2024.

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