June 5, 2023


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John Wick still rules. John Wick 4 review

First, “John Wick 4” is very long, almost two hours long. 50 minutes second, This is the last Lance Reddick movie, great actorwho played the concierge here at the Continental Hotel and died before the premiere of the fourth part. Considering the fate of the concierge in this movie, the whole thing is really very symbolic.

By the way, everyone praises Reddick for his role in The Wire, but I love him most in Fringe, an excellent sci-fi series that feels like a crazier version of The X-Files. Riddick plays two characters there and they are both excellent.

Third, “John Wick 4” is absolutely perfect.

After the third part, we learned that apart from Wick, who was clearly in serious trouble, New York Continental was also on the brink. The fourth part begins with the death of this hotel and the film moves to the Continental in Osaka. Since there is Japan, you know, there are a lot of samurai swords, bows, kimonos, and the rules of the samurai code in general. But the main part of the film takes place in Paris, where the filmmakers managed to shoot as many as three unusual scenes.

One takes place among the cars speeding around the Arc de Triomphe, the second – a loft fight scene in an abandoned tenement house, and the third – on the stairs near the Sacre Coeur. Each of these scenes should go down in action cinema history and each deserves the applause of the entire crew, from extras to cameramen, stuntmen and Keanu Reeves.

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Introduction to the movie “John Wick 4”: