June 9, 2023


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“Blade” Mia Goth, Star of “X” and “Pearl,” Joins Marvel Studios Movie Cast

The star of horror films “X” and “Pearl” joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Mia Goth stars in Blade, starring Mahershala Ali.

Mia Goth in the MCU

Mia Goth is an English actress whose filmography includes “Nymphomaniac – Part II” (2013), “The Cure for Life” (2016), “High Life” (2018), “Suspiria” (2018), “Emma.” (2020), “X” (2022), and “Pearl” (2022). She often plays in horror films, which is why she is considered one of the so-called new films. “Queens Scream”. The role in the remake of “Blade” isn’t much of a departure for Employ the actress in this vein, as the vampire hunter’s comic book adventures draw heavily on horror icons.

As is usually the case with similar casting ads, As of now, the actress who will be playing her has not been revealed. We also don’t know the plot details of the movie.

“Bloody Talk”: “X” and “Pearl”

In the latest episode of his “Bloody Talk” podcast, Michał Walkiewicz takes a look at “X” and “Pearl” from 2022 — two hits from studio A24 with Mia Goth directed by Ti West and, he says, the best movies (not just horror) of the past year . Movies about obsession, pathological ambition, aging and, of course, sex. enjoy your meal!

When is the premiere date for the new “Blade” movie?

The new “Blade” is directed by Yann Demange (“Trapped. Belfast ’71”, “Cocaine Rick”). The screenwriter of the film is currently Michael Starberry.

The film was initially scheduled to hit screens on November 3, 2023. Eventually, filming was delayed, and the new planned release date is September 6, 2024.

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