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Michael K. Williams is dead. The well-known actor from “Street Law” was 54 years old


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He was the first to announce the news of the actor’s death.New York Post” (This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the actor’s family.) As reported, Michael K. Williams is dead by law enforcement in his New York apartment on the afternoon of Monday, September 6. According to the magazine’s unofficial findings, the 54-year-old was unconscious in the dining room. However, on the table was a substance, most likely heroin – the police have not yet confirmed these reports, although journalists remember that the actor has already admitted to having problems with drugs.

Found Michael K. Williams dead in his apartment. He was 54 years old

The New York Times describes that the actor’s relative spoke to the 54-year-old on the phone on Friday. Williams was supposed to appear at the party on Saturday, but he didn’t show up. On Monday, his worried family members tried to get into his apartment, but no one answered. Traces in the apartment do not indicate the involvement of third parties, and there was no attempted break-in.

Michael K. Williams is best known for TV Show Such as “Street Law” or the films “Assassin’s Creed and “The Hidden Flaw.” He made his debut in 1996 thanks to the late rapper Tupac Shakur, who passed away soon after. musician or instrumentalist He drew attention to Michael, who worked as a choreographer and hired him to work for it Movie “bullet”. At that time, he had the opportunity to meet such actors as Mickey Rourke and Adrien Brody.

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For Williams, the breakout role in the series “Street Law” in which he played the criminal Omar Little. The prototype of the character was the famous thief and hit man Donnie Andrews, and the scar on his face was not the result of make-up – the actor got it from the age of 25 after being injured in a fight in a tape. He was also honored by other television productions: “Forbidden Empire”, “Country of Love” or “As They See Us”.

In films, he usually played supporting roles. performed in Films Such works as “Mercenary”, “Assassin’s Creed” or “RoboCop”, but also by famous directors – Martin Scorses (“The Dark Side of the City”) or Paul Thomas Anderson (“Hidden Defect”). One of the latest films with his participation is “Straceńcy”. The movie “892”, which starred alongside John Boyega, is also scheduled to be shown.

Michael K. was nominated. Williams received five Emmy Awards for his roles in “The Long Night”, “As They See Us”, “Bessie” and “Lovecraft Land”. He has already won a Black Reel and Critic’s Choice Television award for his performance in the latest production.

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