Joanna Moreau comments on the situation in Afghanistan.  Netizens are angry

The topic of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has been commented on around the world. It is not only politicians and experts in the Middle East who are taking a voice on the takeover of Kabul by Islamic extremists. Polish stars did not hesitate to comment on this situation. Likewise, I decided to do Joanna Moro, who posted a post on Instagram commenting on the takeover of Afghanistan.

In the hashtag, the star said that she regretted returning from vacation and … sympathized with women in Afghanistan. She added a photo from the session to the prints, in a swimsuit on the beach with a hand on her head.

Photo: screen Instagram / joannamoro.official

Joanna Moreau comments on the situation in Afghanistan

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Netizens outraged by Joanna Moro’s entry

Soon, many comments appeared under the actress’s blog, in which netizens criticized the entry of Joanna Moreau.

Photo: screen Instagram / joannamoro.official

Comments in Joanna Morrow’s post

“You don’t really know how to grab followers’ attention and add the hashtag Afghanistan to a photo on the beach? People fleeing a country torn by war and chaos are surely grateful for your support! Something disgusting! Shame!” – Angry surfer wrote.

Photo: screen Instagram / joannamoro.official

Comment under Joanna Moro’s post

Photo: screen Instagram / joannamoro.official

Comments in Joanna Morrow’s post

Thankfully, after a fair amount of negative comments, the actress deleted the unfortunate entry. In InstaStory I apologize for this post.

Photo: screen Instagram / joannamoro.official

Joanna Moreau apologizes on Instagram

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