Dubai Girls.  Giulio Perotti talks about Paulina Gazca, his love and childhood

Giulio Perotti in the movie Dubai girls He plays Sam, a man who recruits women to fulfill the sexual needs of Arab sheikhs. It is he who introduces Emi (Paulina Gałązka) to the world of true luxury, glamor and debauchery. A feeling is born between them as well, which makes Sam try to protect Emi. However, not everything depends on him alone. It is difficult to judge a character from the perspective of the actor and the people. Sam isn’t a bad person, but he’s not a good person either. He is a man who does not have the strength to take a step and make a decision. He’s trying to do it because he’s falling in love with Emi, but… you’ll see that in the movie, and I won’t say anything else. I don’t think he takes full responsibility for what he does as much as the other heroes – Giulio Perotti said in an interview with the Pleiades.

Giulio Perotti – Who is Sam movie?

Giulio Perotti was born on September 27, 1984 in Rome. He is not only an actor, but also a film producer and model. He made his screen debut in 2003 with a cameo role in the comedy “Lizzie McGuire”. A breakthrough in his career was his role in the series “Elissa’s Daughter – Return to Revombrosi”. He appeared there as Marquis Andrea Van Necker.

In 2014, Giulio Perotti starred in the British film “Walking on Sunshine. I walk in the Sun” and a year later in the production of “Maid for you”. In addition to films and series, the actor has also appeared in music videos. It can be seen in “Sangue e Cuore” from the repertoire of Rino De Maria, “Gli Spietati” Baustelle, and “Show Me I’m Your Lover” by The Public Radar.

Interestingly, in 2010, Giulio Perotti graduated from dentistry and received a diploma in stomatology and prosthetics. In 2015 he specialized in orthodontics. However, he does not hide that acting is what fascinates him most. During his studies, he also realized that he is a model and appeared in commercials.

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Giulio Perotti about the sexy scene with Paulina Gaska

In Girls from Dubai, viewers will see an erotic scene that was recorded with a master shot, that is, without cuts and editing. Paulina Gazka and Giulio Perotti, i.e. Amy and Sam, are involved in it. – There is great passion inside her, it is not only about the body – said the actor and added:

Giulio Perotti also told us how he worked with Paulina Gazka, in which Amy’s role was his first major role in the movie.

– Values. – I’m here because I love this job. I don’t see myself as a good actor because it’s hard to judge, but as a professional. (…) If you work with people who share the same mindset and work ethic, this can’t be wrong. She has it. I really appreciate and like it. But I have to say, everyone here owns it. Cassia Figura, Maria (Sadoska – ed.), Duda, who is a popular star here. (…) This is a volcano, the queen of the hurricane, as she says about herself. Everyone made it I felt so relaxed, everyone brought something special, and everyone put their hearts into this movieThat’s why I hope viewers will love it as much as we did at the time we created it – the movie confirmed Sam.

Photo: Alexandra Mikwaldowska/Kino Shuwiat

Paulina Gizka and Giulio Perotti in “Girls from Dubai”

Giulio Perotti talks about Poland and his love

While appearing at the premiere of “Girls from Dubai”, Giulio Perotti visited Poland for the third time. However, it turned out that he had heard about the country on the Vistula much earlier. All thanks to the mother of one of his teenage friends.

– Revealed in an interview with Kamila Glińska from Plejada. He also said what he thought of Poland and its inhabitants:

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Giulio Perotti, I’m Maria Sadowska

There are new professional challenges ahead for Giulio Perotti. In Italy, he began filming a detective film, and in early 2022 he traveled to the United States, where he will record the second part of the film “Gabriel’s Rapture”. Tell us who misses him and who waits for him at home when he’s off work:

The actor willingly shows the bitch on social media. Looking at their photos together, there’s no doubt that they have a real feel.

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