Test. “When Daddy Does a Bad Thing…” There’s No Chance to Finish These Groundhog Day Quotes

“A great day”
It is a Polish film directed by Marek Koterski and still resonates with viewers thanks to its film Excellent dialogues and unique quotes. But do you know them well enough to answer all our questions?
a test?

a test: “When Daddy Does Something Bad…” There’s No Way to Finish These Groundhog Day Quotes

The movie is about The Story of Adaś Miauczyński – A nervous Polish teacher who struggles with the absurdities of everyday life in Poland. He played with him exceptionally well.
Marek Kondrat,
Creating a very complex, very distinctive, yet very universal character. Every viewer can see themselves in the title character. Apart from the famous scenes, even more famous scenes have entered history. Quotes that reflect the tragic nature of Miaoczynski’s life, It was also highlighted in a sarcastic and subtle way. Polish customs and vices.

Test. “When Daddy’s a jerk…” Complete the quotes from “Groundhog Day”

Groundhog Day is full of them. Quotes that have become a permanent part of Polish popular culture. There are countless examples, which only prove that one of Marek Koterski’s most famous films is A clever blend of humor, satire and deep reflection on contemporary life.

If you remember Groundhog Day, this quiz shouldn’t be a challenge. However, we warn you that Some questions are difficult, So getting 100% correct answers can be a problem. Good luck!

Source: Radio Zeit

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