Jan Zielinski with another title!  Paul party in the “1” tournament final without a chance

Jan Zieliński and Hugo Nys had a tough road to reach the final of the ATP 500 tournament in Acapulco. They had to play super tie-breakers in the first two games. During the quarter-final match They needed up to five match ballsBut in the end they eliminated the defending champions – Alexander Erler and Lucas Midler. In the semi-finals it was easier, because they defeated the pair of Harry Heliovaara/John Pears in two sets.

In the title match, Poland and Monaco had to compete with the duo Santiago Gonzalez/Neil Skupski. So, on paper, it was the best possible fight, because we were dealing with it Top rated couple, although competitors Zieliński and Nysa retained the number “1”. In addition, Gonzalez could count on the support of the home crowd, and Skupski wanted to avenge the Pole for his defeat in the mixed doubles final at this year's Australian Open.

Ugo Humbert – Alexander Bublik. The most prominent features of the game. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

A little sway didn't hurt. What a performance by Zieliński and Nys in the final

The final started off perfectly from the Polish and Monaco perspective. First, the tennis player from Warsaw won with a serve to zero, then there were two break points for Gonzalez. The second time, Ness sent a comeback, and then Skupski didn't do his best at the net. He made a mistake that caused the break. A moment later it was 3-0 from Zieliński and Nys' perspective.

The result was surprising in the fifth match. It was 40-0 on our tennis player's serve, and it looked like the match would soon be over. However, their rival won four straight points They broke up Zieliński's pass. During the last point of the match, the player from Warsaw made a clear mistake. After a few minutes, the score became 3:3 and the fighting began again.

When the score was 4:3 in favor of Poland and Monaco, there was another close match, this time with a pass by Skupski. When the score was 30-30, Skupski double-faulted, giving Jan and Hugo two break points. On the first break point, the Briton redeemed himself with a brilliant pass, but at the crucial moment the ball came into play. Amazing things happened, however The final vote at the event was for Zelensky and Ness. Later, this year's Australian Open mixed doubles winner finished the set with a score of 6:3 on serve.

In the second game, we had to wait until the fifth game to get the first chance to break through. The Pole and Monaco then had two chances to serve Gonzalez. Our tennis player has made a brilliant and instinctive comebackAnd then the competitors had nothing to say. A moment later it was 4-2 after another excellent service match for this year's Australian Open mixed doubles winner.

However, Zelensky and Ness did not intend to stop there. In the next game, this time on Skupski's serve, they earned another break point after a great comeback from Nysa. The Briton could not bear the weight of this moment and He committed a double serve foulWhich made Nice serve for the title at 5:2. Both teams struggled to recover some losses until the end, but the Polish-Monacky duo defended two of the chances that their opponents had. In the end, they finished the match with scores of 6:3, 6:2.

Thus, Jan Zielinski and Hugo Ness won their first joint title of the season, and their fourth together. They have been victorious together so far at last year's edition of the ATP Masters 1000 in Rome and the previous two ATP 250 tournaments in Metz. Tennis player from Warsaw He enriched the pool of Polish winners in Acapulco. Lucas Cubot has won three times in this Mexican city, and was the best in the doubles tournament in 2010, 2013 and 2020.

Jan Zielinski/Tomasz Jastrzybowski/Photo Olympic/Reporter

Jan Zielinski and Hugo Ness/France Press agency

Jan Zielinski/Thomas Jastrzebowski/East News

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