Crazy match in the first league and problems for Marcin Kochanek.  “The league committee should take care of this matter.”

Judge Marcin Kochanek hasn’t had a great streak lately. Last weekend, the referee made the controversial decision to send Michal Naleba off the pitch. Now Kochanek’s form has dropped and he’s stirring things up again, contributing to the crazy match between Lechia Gdańsk and GKS Katowice.

I can say a lot about the arbitration, it is a scandal. The league committee must address this – said Sebastian Berger, GieKSa striker, in a post-match interview.

What made the visiting team player angry? Decisions by Marcin Kochanek, who VAR tried to save in Gdańsk, but even video verification did not save the referee from trouble.

First League. Disagreements in the match between Lechia and GKS Katowice. Bergi: Refereeing is a scandal

Let’s score a goal to make it 1-0 for Lechia Gdańsk. Before Luis Fernandes won the aerial duel after a corner kick, the referee could have blown a foul in the movement that preceded the set-piece. Sebastian Berger lost the ball after an opponent’s attack, which sparked controversy. The referee canceled the match and Leccia scored from a corner kick.

The referee comes to me and says: You’re right, there was a foul, I should have blown the whistle. But he didn’t whistle – explained player GieKSa.

The deeper you go into the forest, the worse it gets for your lover. The situation in which Marcin Vasilevskiy fell as if struck by lightning in the penalty area was bizarre. The Katowice defender first beat the opponent and then fell to the ground, relying on the referee’s naivety. He did not miscalculate – although there was no connection, Kochanek dictated “eleven”. This was only corrected by VAR, which called him to the screen, after which the referee changed his decision.

Red cards were right for GKS Katowice players in this match. As many as two, because the visitors were looking for Luis Fernandes, just as Wisła Kraków’s rivals often did in the previous season. But at the end of the match, the referee made a strange decision again. Dawid Brzozowski attacked David Bugai inside the penalty area from behind, and replays showed that the attack was with the legs, not the ball.

On the contrary, he was clean, Marcin Kochanek said. He was called to VAR again, but this time he did not change his decision.

In the end, Lechia Gdańsk won big and confidently. Taking advantage of the advantage of having two players, Simon Grabowski’s players beat GKS Katowice, scoring six goals. Luis Fernandez shone and scored two goals, the second goal being scored after a shot under the crossbar, which contributed slightly to its rebound. Tricity’s new acquisition – Tomas Bobcek – also scored two goals. The Slovakian was supposed to cost Lechia 600 thousand euros and he quickly decided to start paying the amount.

Lechia Gdańsk – GKS Katowice 5:1 (1:1)

Luis Fernandes (9′, 55′, Bobcic (65′, 84′), Olsson (77′), Bergier (13′).

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