Football fans recognized him at a festival near Krakow.  Shocking scenes

Getty Images/SOPA Images/ Pictured: Kewin Kumar

Simon Jadzak

Kewen Kumar, goalkeeper of Puszcza Niepołomice Premier League club, was beaten by hooligans during a festival in Wiśnicz Mały. That same evening, a group of rioters threatened him with machetes outside the house. It is likely that the attackers were the Wisła Kraków hooligans.

On Saturday, 20-year-old Kewen Kumar played in the match between Puszcza Niepołomice and ŁKS Łódź at Cracovia Stadium (the Puszcza facility was not approved for use in the Ekstraklasa), and after the match he went to Wiśnicz Mały, 50 kilometers from Kraków. He was supposed to take his girlfriend’s mother there and return to Bochnia, where he would live permanently. On that day in Wiśnicz Mały, there was a fire-fighting festival organized by the local volunteer fire brigade.

A group of hooligans in Wisła Kraków enjoyed the festival, and its representatives called themselves “Młoda Ferajna”. This is the militia that emerged in the last years of the hooligan community in Wisła, when older fellow hooligans went to cooperate with the police and withdrew from hooligan life. Młoda Ferajna became famous in Lesser Poland for several acts of exceptional brutality and aggression.

Football fans of “Młoda Ferajna” got to know Kewin Komar on Saturday night in Wiśnicz Mały. In June, Puszcza Niepołomice’s goalkeeper declared himself to all Wisła Kraków fans – in the play-off for promotion to the Ekstraklasa, Puszcza Niepołomice outplayed “White Star” 4:1, and the young goalkeeper scored two assists in this match.

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According to witness accounts interviewed by WP SportoweFakty, Kumar was approached by young hooligans on Saturday night and began threatening him. Finally, the attackers started hitting Puszcza Niepołomice’s goalkeeper, chanting that it was revenge for losing the play-off. The men began chasing each other around the festival area, and eventually the goalkeeper was to be helped by volunteer firefighters.

Kewin Komar went straight from Wiśnicz Mały to the hospital’s emergency department in Bochnia. There he met one of the attackers – who was about to be hit by a defending footballer. During a conversation in the hospital corridor, Kumar heard that if he reported being beaten, the attackers would find him because they knew where he lived. Kumar told the doctor that he hit the wall with his hand.

But when the Niepołomice Forest goalkeeper returned to his apartment in Bochnia, several machete-wielding hooligans were waiting in front of his house. Then the player called the police.

Kewin Kumar has been undergoing medical examinations since Monday morning. But as we hear in the club, the player’s hand is damaged and this round is over. The footballer is also due to report Saturday’s events to the police today.

We contacted the spokesperson for the Krakow Regional Police Headquarters in subinsp case. Katarzyna Cislow. We are waiting for a response from the authorities.

Simon Jadzak is a journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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