He spoiled his fiancée that he hanged himself.  He actually did it by accident!  Watch the horror movie Super Express

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He spoiled his fiancée that he hanged himself. He did it real by accident. Watch the horror

A shocking end to the party in Great Britain! The man decided to make a shocking joke to his fiancée after they watched a horror movie together on TV. Philip Burns, 36, wanted to pretend to Michelle Delahunte Evans that he hanged himself as a character from a movie. It was only supposed to be for a moment and it’s supposed, but by mistake he made the noose so good that he really hanged himself…

The 36-year-old watched horror movies with his girlfriend. Then he decided to scare her. He accidentally hanged himself

It was meant to be black humor, and it ended tragically. The investigation into the horrific death at the Carlisle event in the UK has ended. This February, Philip Burns (36+) and fiancée Michelle Delahunte Evans watched scary movies on a romantic date.. They chose “American Horror Story”. The woman was a little scared and the man laughed at her and tried to scare her even more. The 36-year-old was beaming with alcohol, and at one point had a very silly idea…Wait Michelle for you to turn around for a moment. The woman watched TV and sang songs for music videos, and drunken Philip Burns tied a noose and hung it on the living room door handle. He wanted to spoil the woman that he hanged himself!

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The British wanted to pretend to be hanged. The situation got out of control

Insert his head into the ring and wait for his fiancée to turn around and scream in terror. There was supposed to be no end to the laughter back then. But something went wrong. He was only supposed to be there for a moment and pretend, but the drunk man accidentally tied the noose so well that he really hung himself… When Michelle turned around, she saw him unconscious. At first she thought he was joking, but her fiancé didn’t answer calls and wasn’t breathing. Calling the ambulance did not help, and unfortunately the Joker died despite the efforts of the doctors.

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Chilling horrors

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