Jadwiga Barańska and Jerzy Antczak have been together for over 65 years.  love story

Jadwiga Baranska And he met Jerzy Antzac under somewhat unusual circumstances. She dreamed of studying at the Łódź Film School, she was 17 at the time, and he, six years her senior, was her examiner (as an assistant at the university). Antzach and the other members of the committee… did not allow his future wife to go to school. Like after years He mentioned this in an interview with the editors of “Życie na Hot”:

The actress in an interview with Anna Retmaniak From Polish radio she recalled the exams she failed:

“I went to Warsaw to take the exam, and they didn’t accept me there either, but it’s not known why he ran after me.” Alexander Bardini And he told me to make sure of success next year. And I passed. “He was a very smart guy,” she added. In fact, she did not give up, and after a year she sat the exams again, this time passing with honors.

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Jadwiga Baranska and Jerzy Antzak: Relationship History

Jadwiga Barańska soon became involved Jersey Antzack. In 1956 they got married, and eight years later they had a son, Santa Clause. It was not easy – Baranska, after graduating from college, became an actress in one of the Warsaw theaters, and Antzak remained in Łódź, where he directed the Popularini Theater on television. For years, they lived out of suitcases and lived day to day, sometimes barely making ends meet. In difficult times, they could count on the support of Mother Baranska. In an interview with Bombonek, Antzak recalled:

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