Iga Świątek is upset, delays the WTA and spills the gallbladder.  “Nothing has been decided yet.”

Eja Swatik Uninterrupted since April last year, the company has been the leader in WTA Ranking, but I can’t be sure that he will finish the year in first place. He could almost outrun her on the last line Arina Sabalenka. Currently, 1209 points separate the two women, but a lot depends on the results they achieve in the coming period US Open. If Belarusian women are much better than Polish women, There may be a “pass” at the top of the table.

The rating is not something I have to put aside because I don’t think about it during the tournament and the following matches. I know I had and still have a chance to become number one in the world, but I still have a lot of work to do. I focus more on myself than on the rating

~ – Sabalenka swore recently.

And yet, to wipe away the tears a bit, Sabalenka tops a different ranking. W WTA Race. This list aggregates results from the current season only. On the basis of which eight players will be selected to compete WTA FinalsThe unofficial world championship. Arena is currently 245 points ahead of IGA. Only two of them have qualified for the finals so far. This is scheduled to take place in October.

It still is It is not known… where the competition will be held. According to speculation Perhaps it will be organized by the SaudisBut it is not certain yet. And uncertainty is not something that will help tennis players prepare for a prestigious tournament. It only raises this topic Eja Swatik.

Iga healed you before the US Open: It’s a completely different season, and it always helps. video/ap/© 2023 The Associated Press

Iga Świątek straight from the bridge about the lack of a decision on the venue for the WTA Finals. “It’s a bit annoying.”

In a press conference before that US Open The WTA rankings leader has admitted that she has received various signals in the course of the WTA Finals, but no binding decisions have been made yet. She added that neither she nor any other player participates in the decision-making process regarding the selection of the host country for the tournament.

Of course, it’s a little upsetting and unfortunate that nothing has been decided yet. But let’s see. I will be able to say more after the decision is announced

~ cast.

The WTA’s delay seems to be overflowing with bitterness, because Polish women don’t bite their tongues. He acknowledges that the great unknown is a problem because it greatly impedes logistics and planning. “We’d like to know something already, otherwise it’s hard to make plans. I’d love to play in the Billie Jean King Cup Finals, but I don’t know where the WTA Finals will be, or where I’m going. It would be great if the decision was made earlier.

She revealed that it was confirmed to her and other tennis players last year that the venue for the competition would be decided at the beginning of the season.

“It’s a bit annoying but there’s nothing we can do because it’s commercial. We can only wait. Maybe the tennis players from the Players Council know more…” – summed up Ega.

Eja Swatik/Thomas Samson/France Press agency

Aryna Sabalenka has already qualified for the WTA Finals/Matthew Stockman/France Press agency

It is already known that Iga Świątek will play in this year’s WTA Finals/Minas Panagiotakis/France Press agency

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