Jacek Korski responded to Donald Tusk's entry.  in English

On Wednesday, the US Senate took a negative decision regarding the bill to support Ukraine with additional financial resources. Donald Tusk reacted to the move.

“Dear Republican Senators of America. Ronald Reagan, who helped millions of us regain freedom and independence, must be turning in his grave today. Shame on you,” Donald Tusk wrote in English on X/Twitter.

On the night of Friday to Saturday, Jaczek Korski published a blog post in which he responded to the Prime Minister of Poland. He addressed Tusk in English. “Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Poland loved Ronald Reagan because he helped us regain the freedom you are now stealing and the independence you are now selling. Poland knew Ronald Reagan as a statesman who guarded our country's values ​​and its great future.” “Ronald Reagan was a friend of Poland,” Korski wrote. He added: “Mr. Prime Minister, you are not Ronald Reagan.”

After Jacek Korski stopped heading TVP, he got a job at the World Bank and moved to Washington. On December 19 of last year, the new government removed him from this position.

We made a decision according to which the Minister of Finance would represent the Polish state in international institutions, including the World Bank, which means dismissing Jacek Korski and summoning him from Washington to the country. He will no longer represent the Republic of Poland in financial institutions – Prime Minister Donald Tusk said at the time.

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