Ukraine.  cyanosis process.  The interview reveals details and shows a Russian Mi-8 pilot being lured to Ukraine

Ukrainian military intelligence will broadcast a documentary film about Russian pilots who were captured by Ukrainians after their planes were shot down. He also talks about the special operation “Seneca”, whose aim was to lure the crew of the Russian “Mi-8” helicopter into Ukraine. The document will also show a man who was presented as a helicopter pilot who went over to the side of the Ukrainian forces. “Nobody wants this war,” he says. “Ukraine will win. It’s only a matter of time.”

– We managed to find the right approach with the Russian Mi-8 pilot, secretly transport his family (from Russia – ed.) and create conditions so that he could “transfer” the helicopter to our country with the crew, who at that time did not know what was happening, – he said. At the end of August, the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence Kirillo Budanov.

On August 23, the Ukrainian portal “Pravda”, citing its own sources, reported that “Ukrainian military intelligence conducted an effective special operation, as a result of which the pilot of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter was forced to land in the Kharkiv region.”

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Also on 23 August, in an interview with the Ukrainian section of Radio Svoboda, Budanov announced that the Mi-8 pilot was in Ukraine, while the two-man helicopter crew “realized where the machine had landed and tried to escape” and was killed. Budanov emphasized that the crew members “were supposed to be taken alive, but they failed.”

Budanov did not reveal the name of the pilot, nor did he provide details of the special operation that had been prepared for more than half a year.

Russian Mi-8 helicopter captured by Ukrainian forces Military intelligence of Ukraine

Operation “blue”

On Sunday, the Ukrainian intelligence service published on its website a trailer for a documentary film about Russian pilots who were captured by Ukrainians after their planes were shot down. The document also reveals details of the operation, dubbed “Seneca” (after a bird of the titmouse family), which was aimed at luring the crew of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter into Ukraine. The film will also feature a helicopter pilot who joined the Ukrainian forces.

– Nobody wants this war, Ukraine will win, it’s only a matter of time – says a man, identified as a Russian Mi-8 pilot, in a recording made available by Ukrainian intelligence.

A man introduced as the pilot of a Russian Mi-8 that landed in the Kharkiv region Military intelligence of Ukraine

The intelligence said in a post Sunday on its Telegram channel that the Mi-8 was “loaded with fighter jet components”. The helicopter was flying between two Russian air bases, carrying parts of the Su-27 and Su-30 fighters.

– Operation “Seneca” was very similar to the “Diamond operation” carried out by the Israeli Mossad in 1966, which persuaded an Iraqi pilot to steal the most modern Soviet MiG-21 at that time, – said the author of the documentary, “Russian pilots shot down Artem Shevchenko.

In Russia reports of “loss of crew orientation”

Russian propagandist bloggers reported that “the crew of the Mi-8 lost its orientation and the helicopter accidentally landed at an airport in Ukraine.”

Ukrainian Truth, Radio Svoboda,

Main image source: Military intelligence of Ukraine

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