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Last Monday, January 24, the first show of “Esto es Habacilar” took place, where they presented Johanna San Miguel and Roger del Aguila as the new editors. How many rating points did he introduce? On the first night they scored 18.3 points, just below the Telenowella “Marisucha”.

His second night, last Tuesday, January 25, luck was not the same. According to data from Kantar Ibope Media, the new version of the memorable “Habacilar” dropped its rating to just 12.6 points.

By this measure, the game show was in fourth place, behind “Marikucha”, “Junta de Ayles” and the newscast “America Notices”, 18.6; 14 and 14.6 points, respectively.

Roger defends the new version of “Habasiller”

TV presenter Roger del Aquila supported the new version of the game show ‘Habasiller’ after receiving criticism that Raul Romero was not the main animator and included warriors as models.

Roger, who was part of the original version, addressed the audience using a moment from the show and invited them to participate and enjoy the new version of “Habasiller” because it has the same feel and good vibe as in the past.

“Many of you, followers of Habasiller, followers of old Habasiller, want it to be the same as before, I know they want the same wall, the same scenery, but over time, things have changed a little bit. But we continue with the same spirit and the same good vibes,” he said. Del Aguila said.

In its second broadcast, Roger del Aquila, the host of the show ‘Esto S. Habasiller’, defended the new version of the show against the wave of criticism after its first screening. “They want it to be the same as before. I know they want the same wall, the same scenery, but over time, things have changed a little bit, but we continue with the same feeling, the same Habasilar vibration,” he said. Editor. (Source: USA TV)

It should be noted that the new version of ‘Esto es Habacilar’, which premiered this Monday, features Roger del Aguila and Johanna San Miguel as keynote speakers. Models Tracy Friend and Talia Estabridis are back. They are accompanied by Solana Costa (Miss Teen World 2021), Paloma Fusa, Corina Rivadenera, Louisiana Foster and Angie Arizaka.

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