The results of the Mike Ward case were released Friday morning

Comedians are on high alert with the eagerly awaited decision on Friday morning in the Mike Ward case against Jeremy Gabriel, which will mark the way to create comedy in the country.

“It will be a very important judgment on humorous freedom of expression and freedom of expression in general,” he said.e Walid Hijazi represents the Professionals Association in the field of comedy.

On Friday morning, the Supreme Court will deliver a landmark decision that will put an end to the case between comedian Mike Ward and singer Jeremy Gabriel.


The lawsuit was probably started in 2010 when Ward attacked “little Jermy” on one of his black comedy shows. At that time, Mr. Gabriel was a young man and was very famous for singing before Pope Benedict XVI.

Ward, who wanted to denounce the “sacred cows” we could not laugh at, devoted many “jokes” on the young artist, especially with the disease of deformity of the skull and face.

A complaint was filed on the basis of discrimination, and in 2016, Mr. Gabriel was ordered to pay $ 35,000. The case was appealed, but the High Court in Quebec upheld the decision three years later, changing the payment only to the plaintiff’s mother.

Beyond the ward

So the case went to the Supreme Court of Canada.

“Freedom of expression is limited in a community Cancel the cultureReluctance will result in no one daring to speak, ”pleaded Ward’s attorney, Julius Gray.

Friday’s stop could have major repercussions on the way comedy is made in the country, so an association representing comedians was able to be represented in court.

“We want the playground for comedians to be as big as possible,” Ms.e Hijazi. Comedians always try to provoke, provoke, and create discomfort, in addition to making people laugh. This is the nature of humor. “

Because by the end of Friday morning, the comedians will have to self-censor for fear that they will eventually be allowed by the court.

“The comedian’s purpose is not to hit the funny thing, but to make people laugh,” the lawyer concluded. It is a specific form of expression

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