Festive and nostalgic tribute to Carl Tremblay in Repentigny: “We have lost a friend”

Many Cowboys fans on Saturday saluted the great legacy of Carl Tremblay, who helped put this city “on the map.” Map».

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“It’s a difficult moment because we’ve lost a friend,” said Mayor Nicolas Dufour.

At the Espace culturelle de Repentigny, he stood in front of hundreds of people who wanted to highlight the memory of the 47-year-old man. It was in this small municipality of Lanadier that the Cowboys were born.

The mayor of Repenigny, Nicolas Dufour, spoke to the crowd on Saturday at the Espace culturelle.

Laurent Lavoie / JTM

There was still a great tragedy to befall the fans of the favorite group of Quebecers Newspaper.

However, its singer’s legacy seems the best source of solace.


«[Karl] has touched many generations,” summed up Lucy Roy with her partner. As they say, he put Repigny Map. […] We owe it to him.

There were young and old people in the crowd. Caroline Rivette had her two boys and her partner by her side.

“We sing on my shoulder Every evening at a younger age,” she asserts.

Photo from Marc Chaumeil’s archive

There’s no shortage of speakers belting out many of the first cowboy classics Hector’s shockhas America cries.

Some were especially sung in the singular, incl shooting star

More details to come…


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