There is a German resolution on weapons for Ukraine.  Fears prevailed

During the discussion on the supply of Taurus to Ukraine, the Bundestag did not agree to the request of the CDU and CSU. On Wednesday evening, the majority of parliamentarians rejected the proposal of the Christian Democrats parliamentary group. Even members of parliament from the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party, who criticized the Chancellor's position, did not oppose the Prime Minister during the vote.

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The German News Agency (dpa) confirmed that Schulz had made the decision not to supply these weapons to Ukraine “for the time being” at the beginning of October, recalling that “there were fears that due to the 500-kilometre range, Russian territory might also become a target.” for 500 km). Taurus).” The Taurus tower is one of the most modern missiles of the German Air Force, capable of destroying targets from great heights and distances.

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