Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series this year with a bigger battery!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 will see significant changes this year – the manufacturer will not only focus on the design from the past, but also grow the watch’s battery. Today we find out how big batteries we can count on.

flagship this year Samsung smart watches He will get a big improvement. According to the latest reports Their battery will growwhich is always good news – especially since the watches of the Korean manufacturer are not famous for particularly durable batteries.

test | Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. A great smartwatch, but don’t do without a Samsung phone

The upcoming smartwatches have recently been certified by SafetyKorea. Thanks to this we found out what capacity the new watch batteries will receive.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 / manufacturer’s photo

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 – How Much Battery Growth?

The smaller 40mm variant of the smartwatch is to have a capacity battery 300 mA. The larger 44mm version of the Galaxy Watch 6 will be equipped with a battery 425 mAh.

For comparison, last year’s two variants of the Galaxy Watch 5 received batteries with a capacity of 284 and 410 mAh. The difference is not huge, but it is certainly good news for all interested buyers.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 / manufacturer’s photo

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series is likely to debut in AugustThere are only five months left. Until then, there will certainly be plenty of information about watches on the web. May they all be as optimistic as today.

Not long ago, we also learned that Samsung wants to bring back the design of the past to its watches — we’re talking about the round glass, which last appeared in watches a few years ago.


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