Android TV or Smart TV?

Televisions available in the market are equipped with different operating systems. Customers often choose between models with a standard Smart TV or Android TV. What are the differences between these systems and are they really, as some manufacturers argue, Is it worth buying an Android TV?

What exactly is Android TV? Simply put, the TV software is based on Android. This is the same Google powered system that many people are familiar with from their laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

By also introducing it into TVs, it becomes possible Synchronize the TV with the phone Or install an app from Google Play on the TV. Android TV’s mission is also to make it easier for users to use the Internet and various streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney+.
An additional convenience for some users is also the ability to issue voice commands (Android TV with Voice Assistant). You do not need to enter anything on the screen, control the TV only with your voice! However, using this option requires a microphone remote control.

Since Android TV is the software used in some TVs, it can generally be said that Android TV is a type of Smart TV. The operating system supported by Google is usually listed separately. why?

First, many users emphasize the ease of use of Android TV devices. Using many of the functions is very intuitive and much easier than working with the operating systems installed in other TVs.

Secondly, TVs with standard Smart TV allow, that is, software downloaded by the manufacturer Only using software provided by the manufacturer. This is not the case with Android TV. Each user can freely install additional software – depending on how he intends to use his TV. For some, it will be important to launch well-known games from smartphones on a large TV screen, and for others – easy and quick use of streaming platforms.

Many Android TV users are very satisfied with the operation of this system. However, anyone who compares different opinions and reviews before buying a TV will eventually encounter negative reviews and opinions as well. So how is it really? Is it worth buying an Android TV? The ease of the system and the ability to use many additional applications are undoubtedly advantages of Android TV. However, this system is not without its drawbacks.

Users often complain about the poor way Android TV works or problems with apps that prevent it from being used. However, it should be noted at this point that these issues are not always blamed on Android TV. After all, TVs differ not only in the operating system, but also in technical data and the quality of the parts used. Therefore, on some models of Android TV (as well as any other software) it will work better, and in others – definitely worse.

Among the TVs equipped with Android TV, there are HD receivers with high resolution and a diagonal screen, as well as cheaper models built on budget components. Thanks to this, each user will find a TV that suits his needs and financial capabilities. What are Android TVs?

When looking for a receiver, it is worth focusing on brands such as Panasonic, Philips, Sony and TCL. Manta, Sharp, Adriano, Xiaomi and Toshiba TVs are also equipped with Android TV. It’s worth noting that Android TV is currently changing its name to Google TV. Many manufacturers still use the name Android in their receivers due to its popularity. However, it is often replaced by the name Google TV – and this name will become the only valid name in the near future.

Finally, an important note: Android on TVs is not as popular as it is on smartphones or laptops. Therefore, not all well-known TV manufacturers decide to install this software. For example, it is not available in receivers from brands such as Samsung or LG. These companies created their own software: Tizen from Samsung and WebOS from LG.

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