It was an exciting match for the Polish national team, as extra time was not enough.  Decisive penalty kicks in the fight for the Olympics

The Poles played the previous official match against Ukraine in May 2022 in Tychy during the World Championship Division 1B, where they defeated their neighbor to the east only after a penalty shootout (Jakub Pukovski's goal was decisive, after extra time it was 2:2). Later, the two teams faced each other in Marseille, but this match was not included in the official statistics because, for logistical reasons, only some Ukrainians arrived there (the Poles won 4:3).

A great opening for the Polish team. Bartosz Fraszko “gave” the goal to his friend

But now the stakes are too high, with the Olympics in 2026. The Red and White started Friday's match well, posing a threat in front of the Ukrainians' goal, but there was no immediate impact. In the fifth minute, Bartlomiej Jezorski had a chanceBut the Ukrainians generously intervened in their own period and our team's pressure did not result in a goal. After a few seconds it happened It's hot in front of our goalIvan Sisak shot a ball from a good position, but it was far from the goal.

In the 8th minute, the Poles broke through the opponent's defense, and A Bartosz Fraszko was on the scoresheet. The 28-year-old fired a precise shot from under the blue line and goalkeeper Bohdan Diatchenko had no chance. This was Fraszka's sixth goal in the national team. Then Krystian Dziubiński had a chance, our captain received a great pass, was not protected and made a good shot, but Diaczenko blocked the puck very instinctively.

The Poles were more in control of the game, they were the dominant team and the fans in Sosnowiec were waiting for the second goal, which would give Robert Calaber's players more breathing space and peace of mind. At the same time, they also had to defend, like seconds before the end of the period, when Miarka did a great job spreading the fences and preventing the goal from being conceded. This was the moment he remained in the penalty area for less than half a minute Radoslav Galant.

– It seems to me that Camille Jorny has changed his direction and perhaps this was not my goal, but I will leave it to the analysis. The day before we played a bit weaker, we lacked effectiveness, but now we've started well, let's hope that continues. Classically, we lack effectiveness and composure, because there were many situations – says Bartosz Fraszko in front of the TVP Sport camera. The statistics confirmed his words – the number of shots on goal was 14-4 for the Whites and the Reds.

A difficult second period, a wonderful counter-attack and reliable executioner Marcin Kolos

Miarka entered the second half well, on duty, when a mistake quickly appeared in our defensive lines and the Ukrainians had the chance to equalise. Unfortunately, the opponents quickly established their lead, because after three minutes, A The goal was scored by Denis Borodaj. The Ukrainian made a brilliant paddle, changing the path of the puck. This was the first goal our team conceded in this tournament.

In a good moment, the Poles gained the advantage of having one player on the ice when he was fouled Bartlomiej JezorskiAnd he went to the penalty area Eugene Vadigo. Then our top five took to the field, but unfortunately we did not take advantage of this opportunity. Immediately afterwards, Mateusz Zelenskiy caused the downfall of his rival and the Poles were forced to defend themselves weakly. It became dangerous in front of our goal, and one of the Ukrainians saw a gap near the post, but Miarka successfully intervened. Unfortunately, hardly Zieliński's punishment ended and Dominic Pacio's punishment beganWho tripped over the opponent's puck carrier, causing him to fall. Fortunately, the team managed to keep a clean sheet over the next four minutes, which should serve as additional motivation for the team.

Then we had a break in the game for a few minutes after that Vitaly Lyalka In the heat of battle with our players He suffered an injury to his eyebrow, and blood flowed copiously. The situation was analyzed by the referees, but it was classified as an unfortunate event, thanks to which none of the Eagles had to go into the penalty area.

The Ukrainians took control, but at a very difficult moment for themselves, it was the Poles who launched a deadly counterattack. 39-year-old Marcin Kološ, making his 197th appearance for the national team, turns out to be reliable.Who shot a wonderful ball 6 minutes and 15 seconds before the end of the first half. This was the Polish hockey legend's 47th goal. – Another one, another one – The stands immediately jumped because the Poles came out of a very difficult situation when the initiative was their opponents, but after twenty difficult minutes the result did not change in this part.

Hit in the third inning, it all started again

Unfortunately, the Ukrainians quickly tied the game in the third game, and Yevhen Ratushny scored the goal. The best defender among the opponents scored from the first ball and it all started again. Once again, we allowed ourselves to seize the initiative, which our competitors mercilessly exploited.

In the following minutes, both teams had chances, some of them very good, but the score remained 2-2. 3 minutes and 30 seconds before the end, the situation became very tense in front of our goal, and fortunately our players avoided losing any goal with their sacrifices. Mayarka was busy with a lot of work, Borodaj was one hair away from the goalBut our gate was violated. The situation was analyzed for a long time, but it ended successfully for the Poles. He stood out strongly among the guests Artur CholacsHe is currently considered the greatest hockey hope in Ukraine.

In the last seconds, the Whites and Reds were very nervous, played for comfort and got the ball in their own half. The Ukrainians won it, but Mayarka stopped the shot from an acute angle and Both teams went to overtime.

A three-on-three struggle that does not forgive mistakes, so emotions reached their peak. They were authorized to fight for us when extra playing time opened Gurney, Frasco and Passiot. The opponents had the first chance, but Miarka gave an impeccable performance, and after a while, Diatchenko stopped a series of two shots from Orłów. Five minutes of dramatic extra time were inconclusive The result of the most important match in this tournament was decided by penalty kicks.

Extra time went to zero, and the Ukrainians were very happy after the penalty shootout

Dziubinski took the first penalty kick, but things got tense because… The referees debated the validity of this goal for a long time. In the end, they decided that everything was done according to the regulations, and the crowd cheered for joy. Mayarka successfully intervened in response. Fraszko did not increase the lead after Diachenko's good behavior. Then Miarka put in a great performance again, missing Wałęga. Finally, the representative of Ukraine led to a draw, and then the guests followed Thanks to Oleksiy Vorona They took the initiative. Everything depended on Grzegorz Pasiut, who failed to defeat Diaczenka The road to Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo has become too long for our team.

On Sunday, the final day of the competition, Ukraine will play against Estonia Poland with South Korea.

Objectives: 1:0 Camille Gurny (8th), 1:1 Borodai (23rd), 2:1 Marcin Kolos (34th), 2:2 Ratosny (44th), decisive penalty: Worona.

Penalties: Poland – 6 minutes; Ukraine – 2 minutes

Poland: Maciej Miarka – Patrik Wajda, Kamil Gornik, Bartosz Vraszko, Patryk Wronka, Grzegorz Paciot – Bartosz Sciorra, Oskar Jaskiewicz, Dominik Pasch, Pawel Zygmunt, Kamil Wałęga – Jakub Wanacki, Pawel Dronia, Marcin Kolosz, Krystian Dziubinski, Bartlom Ege Jezorski – Mateusz Zielinski, Marcin Horselski, Filip Komorski, Mateusz Michalski, Radoslaw Galant.

Patrick, Jedda and Wotalij Lyalka/Michel Messner/PAP

The joy of Polish national team players after scoring a goal during a hockey match in the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games/Michel Messner/PAP

Beijing 2022. Coach Robert Calaber before the semi-final match Slovakia – Finland. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

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