Mjsharzak's full five-set fight in the first round of Roland Garros

Camille Majcherzak has so far reached the second round at most in the Roland Garros tournament. In the first round of this year’s event, Poland faced American tennis player Brandon Nakashima, who has twice been knocked out of French courts in previous editions in the first qualifying round.

And on Monday, Majscherczak failed in a rematch to defeat this opponent during the ATP qualifying tournament in Rome.

Nakashima opened the match in Paris in his favour, but Majsherzak quickly leveled the score. The start of the whole match was well balanced.

The pole finally won the first gem! Later, the match was interrupted by heavy rain, and the Pole led 1-0.

After a long break of more than an hour, the players finally returned to the field. The match was reopened in favor of Majscherzak, but the match was still well-balanced. But in the end, Majscherzak surrendered and the gem was owned by the American competitor.

In the next match, Majchrzak definitely had to acknowledge Nakashima’s superiority. After hitting the net, the pole lost the lead. Likewise, the next gem turned out to be much happier for the opponent.

Piotrkowianin was finally able to show his paw again and finally finished the match in his favour. Another one in which he dealt with his opponent very quickly. The American defender did not mean to allow himself to dominate and quickly entered the fourth game at his expense. Majchrzak responded the next day and the situation returned again. Nakashima again did not forgive our compatriot and the situation was better in his favor again. Soon, the 20-year-old won the first set (6:4).

The second set started well for Majescherzak. After exchanging balls, Pole saved another match in his favour. In the second, he also turned out to be better than his competitor.

Majchrzak apparently dominated the meeting. The third time he dictated the terms and won the match. However, he did not intend to stop there, once again claiming to win the match for himself.

Nakashima finally woke up. The fifth jewel finished with an ace of service and allocated it to his own account. Majchrzak responded quickly and once again proved himself the best in the game.

Nakashima defended his situation. Finally, he regained control of the match and did not allow the Poles to win it. However, he finally worked his way up and won the second set (2:6).

In the third set, Majchrzak did not take his chance and did not open it victoriously and lost the first match. However, the pole made up for a later period, leveling the score at 1:1.

The American quickly responded to our compatriot. This time he took the lead in the game. Pole did not remain in debt and again tied the score. Nakashima, in turn, broke his opponent again and quickly regained the lead. Majchrzak, pursuing an equal duel, led to a draw at 3:3.

The pole did not abandon a younger tennis player. For the first time in the third set, a result in his favor appeared on the scoreboard. Although it was not without stress, the Pole kept his blood in the winter and after a moment the information about winning another match emerged besides his name. He finished it with ace service.

Our tennis player did not do well in the next match, which was taken by the young American. Majsherzak made it up a few minutes later, resulting in a win in the third set (4:6).

Nakashima opened the fourth set better. In the second match, Majchrzak seemed to have taken the reins, but in the end he also failed to deal with his opponent.

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Obviously, the fourth set does not suit the Polish player. He lost three consecutive games. In the end, however, he regained control and eventually won the fourth jewel. He continued his winning streak, eventually leading to a 3-2 position in favor of his opponent. Finally, after exchanging the ball, our representative managed to settle the situation by winning another game.

After a few minutes, Nakashima remembered himself and again signed the best score for the American. The pole managed to equalize, but the 20-year-old again won another gem. Continuing to trade the game’s wins, Majchrzak once again led to a tie. After a moment, the opponent regained the advantage. Pole played again against the opponent and appeared on the board again 6:6 draw.

In the end, Nakashima fared better in the tiebreak, lifting both sets 2-2.

The decisive match started well for the American who broke our player’s pass in the first game. The situation was repeated in the fifth match and the situation of Majscherzak, who lost 1:4, became very bad. In the eighth match, the pole fought to stay in the match, defending three balls, but finally surrendered to his opponent.

He’s our first tennis player to drop out of this year’s tournament at Roland Garros. Earlier, Magda Lynette and Ega Švetik won their matches.

Brandon Nakashima (US) Pat Kamil Majscherzak (Poland) 6:4, 2:6, 4:6, 7:6 (7-3), 6:2

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