It looks like GTA 5 will disappear from Xbox Game Pass.  Microsoft sent a message to gamers

If you’re using the Xbox Game Pass app on your smartphone, you may have received a notification today. Microsoft informs players of GTA 5 removal – Currently, the company has not stated that the Rockstar title will be removed from subscription.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed the offer for the second half of December, and it appears that the company will not offer players any new games until the end of the month. We saw a similar situation last year – where the Xbox manufacturer confirmed that new titles would be available for Xbox Game Pass by the middle of the month.

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The company did not make any statement on this matter this time, however Today, players received notifications that GTA 5 will be removed from Xbox Game Pass “soon.”

The Rockstar title has been available for subscription for several months, but it seems that at the end of the month the item will be removed from the catalog of the American company.

It’s worth noting here that GTA 5 debuted on PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium in December, so if you’re on that subscription as well, you can still play the game.

GTA 5 has certainly received a lot of attention in recent days. GTA 6’s December announcement broke many records – players from all over the world are waiting for Rockstar Games’ new story, but unfortunately it won’t premiere until 2025.

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